How to grow plants without soil

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As strange as it may seem to many of us, it is still true: some plants can also grow without soil. This cultivation process is known as hydroponics, and is that as you can begin to imagine the plants substitute the earth for the water to develop.

If you are a little clueless about watering indoor plants, this is your best solution, and it is that, obviously, these plants should not be watered. Here is a basic guide for you to learn how to do it. Luck!

Tips for growing plants without soil or irrigation

The first thing that is choose the plant you want to grow: the potus or the spatifilio are plants of great resistance able to develop to perfection in these conditions.

Choose a opaque container (so that the light does not affect the roots), waterproof and the size you consider necessary for the plant you want to grow.

Cover the top of the vase with a piece of wood or fit it inside leaving it to be a few inches from the water. Is base shall have holes, because it is there where we will have to introduce the roots of the plants very gently and delicately so as not to damage them; Make sure the leaves and necks do not get soaked with water.

At first it's a very important to oxygenate the plant every three to four hours with the aerator pump. We must also maintain a very strict control of the state of our plants, providing a hydroponic solution every two or three days and adding the components that provide the nutrients it needs.

Obviously the water is not permanent like the earth, but we will have to change it monthly at the beginning and fortnightly later.

If you want the look not to be too rustic and poor, you can give it a more decorative touch by placing some stones at the bottom of the container.

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