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Being more ecological and sustainable is not at odds with having a modern home. Care and respect for the environment is also possible in the world of decoration and interior design. Formulas such as ecological wallpaper for walls allow for quality results that, in turn, help us to be more sustainable.

Next, in Green Ecologist, we will talk to you about the ecological and compostable wallpaper and how to put it correctly. In this article you will find all the information about this type of ecological paper, the best solution to decorate walls without polluting more.

How to put ecological and compostable wallpaper

Just like any other, eco-friendly and compostable wallpapers are easy to put on. To wallpaper your walls with this decorative element, you will not need previous experience or great effort.

So that all the wallpaper with eco wallpaper is sustainable and guarantee composting, we recommend using a organic adhesive pastei.e. free of harmful artificial chemicals and additives. In this way, the wallpapering process will also meet the sustainability criteria. The best organic adhesives are those composed of pure cellulose.

When starting the wallpapering process, select the wall where you are going to place the ecological wallpaper and apply the adhesive paste on the wall, covering it completely to ensure that the wallpaper is perfect. Next, place the strip of paper on the wall over the glued area.

The process is very simple, however, to guarantee an optimal and quality result, we recommend taking into account some things that you should avoid. Take note:

  • Try to place the wallpaper on smooth walls. Avoid gotelĂ© or damaged walls.
  • Do not put the eco-friendly wallpaper on wet surfaces. It is also not recommended to place them in rooms with high humidity, such as the bathroom.
  • Although it is not a job that requires a lot of effort, not by doing it faster will it be better. Take your time so that the paper is perfectly placed on the wall.
  • Avoid getting bubbles on the paper. To do this, make sure you straighten it properly. You can also remove them by pricking them with a needle in order to remove the air from their interior by pressing carefully.

Why put ecological wallpaper - advantages

Is it possible that the decoration of your home is more sustainable? The answer is yes. Currently, there are numerous formulas that allow us to do our bit in caring for the environment from our little universe: the home.

That our house is more sustainable while maintaining comfort and style, it is easy if we opt for ecological proposals to decorate every corner. One of the best options is ecological wallpaper, one of the latest trends In terms of interior decoration, in addition to providing excellent and quality results, it has many other advantages.

Although the wallpaper has already triumphed in the past, its use is becoming fashionable again thanks to its renewal in composition using materials of vegetable and / or mineral origin. The new ecological wallpapers seek to be more versatile than the papers of decades ago and, at the same time, respect the environment and the health of the family. For this reason, these types of papers are created respecting current environmental criteria.

Thanks to all this, you will find in interior decoration areas the compostable wallpaper, a proposal that, in addition to meeting the ecological requirements necessary to be sustainable both in terms of materials and in the manufacturing process, allows it to be reused and recycled after its useful life cycle. Among the most sustainable ecological wallpapers are biodegradable linen papers. Between the advantages of ecological and biodegradable wallpaper stand out:

  • Use of vegetable fiber. The cultivation of flax is respectful with the environment, since it requires little water compared to other crops. Likewise, everything derived from the plant is usable, so waste is minimized.
  • Plant-based materials free of chemicals or additives. Which does not harm the environment or our health.
  • Low flammability. As it is not produced by chemicals or toxic additives, it is safer because it is less flammable.
  • Allows thermal insulation.
  • The linen paper absorbs sound, which reduces noise in rooms.
  • Durability. The 100% compostable ecological paper allows the saving of resources, since it guarantees a long life cycle, provided that care is maintained.

Ecological and compostable wallpaper, in addition to being sustainable, offers you the possibility of decorating your rooms with style. Find the paper that best suits you and participate in caring for the environment with a beautiful and inexpensive method.

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