5 good resolutions to take care of the planet

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Saving the planet is a daunting task, no doubt, and each of us can do little to achieve it. However, the small contribution we make of everyday way it's the only way to take a step forward that makes a difference in the long run.

On the fringes of the huge responsibility and guilt attributable to factual powers and economic interests of a thousand and one types, among which the industry plays a leading role, in each one of us is the power of change at a global level.

Taking advantage of the new year entrance and its traditional good intentions, we will list ten examples of possible resolutions to start to make them eco gestures as easy to apply as any habit.

Not surprisingly, routine has this advantage. While it is somewhat mechanic Y monotonous, on the other hand it assures us interesting results. With the advantage, in this case, of bringing a new point to our lives that will simply bring us changes that will help us say goodbye to boredom.

Lower our carbon footprint

We don't have millions of dollars like Bill Gates to fund green energy research, but it is in our power to make interesting decisions about it. If we are thinking of buying a car and the budget allows us, first the electrical, hybrids or, at least, those that least pollute or, even better, let's opt for mobility solutions sustainable that involve giving up the car.

If we want to use energies green but it is not in our plans to install a solar panel or a wind turbine, let's say, sooner or later we will find a way to do it indirectly. For example, hiring a ecological hosting, that is to say, one whose maintenance is based on energy that comes from renewable sources, among other aspects that should be studied.

By passive you can also move forward and the examples are also innumerable. Little by little we will discover new opportunities to act without doing it. Among others, we will achieve a lot by not contributing to the unnecessary use of fossil fuels when traveling (the plane triggers our carbon footprint), shopping or looking for greater energy efficiency at home.

Save water

Saving water is a typical topic that, as much as it continues to sound like the same old song, it is still a pending task for many people, families or companies. It is simply about reviewing our habits and improving them.

In the day to day there are many opportunities to save, drop by drop, a lot of water to be proud of by the end of the year. Among other good practices, the shower is better than the bath, and within that option, not to linger under the shower head.

Do not keep the tap running when we are lathering in the shower, brushing our teeth or doing any other activity of personal hygiene or home cleaning it is another good way to save water. And, of course, it will be interesting to lead by example if there are children at home or, among other possibilities, collect rainwater for irrigation.

Bet on fair trade

Fair trade is a commercial circuit that offers us food and other products, usually artisans and in many cases also made with organic raw materials. Buying them is betting on a better world in many ways.

However, the truth is that their prices are high, but they also offer quality in the form of good raw materials, crafts, etc. that are really worth it. It will be easy to find some of them on the same shelves of our super usual, although there is more offer in large stores and online stores.

If you do not have the budget to pay the prices of the products that belong to this circuit, do not discard it completely and use it at special moments. It will also be an important gesture in order to take care of the planet and do your bit in favor of a more egalitarian world.

Follow the three r's

The three r's of the ecology (reduce, reuse and recycle) remain a maximum which is rarely fulfilled. In a consumer society like ours, it must be recognized that significant willpower is required to have an appropriate attitude in this regard.

However, it is easier than one might imagine. Without it meaning to be inflexible, The truth is that we will find endless occasions throughout the day to practice them, taking into account the order in which they are listed to make green decisions.

Following them will help us save money and avoid a good quantity of household waste. It will be important to focus on key aspects such as packaging, plastic bags, wrapping, organization when buying what is just and necessary, prioritizing family packages and, in short, not falling into a consumerist dynamic.

Switch to creative recycling

Yes, we are handyman We will have it easier, but not being it is not a problem either. In short, it is about taking the possible option into account and also our possibilities at the level of availability of time and skill.

There will always be chances that neither we imagine to reuse or recycle making small changes within our reach. Let's not forget that ingenuity and imagination are characteristics of creative recycling that, among other things, allow us to improve over time. In addition, it will give us great little joys, since creating is a way of feed the ego in a really healthy way and, last but not least, we will save a good little money.

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