How to start a green business

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Get Profits caring for the planet is the double objective of a ecological companyAlthough within this type of green business there is a wide range of possibilities. Creating and developing them, however, requires a series of similar steps, while others will be specific to the sector in question.

Since starting a green business is starting a business, bureaucratic level Many of the first steps are the same as those required to start a conventional business. However, there are others that will have to do with the sector in which they are framed, for example with everything related to specific regulations or, for example, with the same definition of the company's mission.

Likewise, there will be marked differences when carrying out previous studies, either in matters related to studies of environmental impact, from sustainability, with the setting of objectives and, of course, also in the same previous market studies, in which case, logically, they will have a focus and marked ecological content.

Where to start

If, on the one hand, ecological is in fashion, which implies advantages at the image level and, in general, a good boost for any company, on the other hand, some sectors are regulated, which implies compliance with the specific regulations to be able to constitute an ecological company.

The first step that we must take, therefore, is informative, in order to trace the steps that we have to take in our specific case. Depending on the type of company we want to set up, its orientation as a company of products or from services and the specific sector in which it is framed, the information will be key to get off to a good start, either from a bureaucratic point of view or with the completion of a feasibility plan that includes an analysis of the environmental impact.

Overcoming the general procedures for the creation of a company is usually complicated and requires preparing a business plan (in the Chambers of Commerce they can guide us), looking for aid and subsidies (for example in Ico, in the regional janitors, etc.) and also investors.

In the same way, other fundamental procedures will be necessary for its constitution, such as those required by the Public Treasury, the Social Security Treasury and the corresponding municipal licenses, among others the opening or activity licenses.

In addition to these common aspects for every company, on many occasions it will be necessary to fill in other specific procedures related to the ecological aspect, substantial in many cases. Without going any further, compliance with European regulations on organic production is essential ( to obtain organic certification.

Eco-friendly logos and certificates

EU regulations apply to organic products at all stages, from production to delivery. transformation Y commercialization of products, which means that the applicable regulations will depend on the type of activity or activities carried out. In the same way, the obligation of this compliance entails the counterpart of displaying the quality seals and ecological logos, which cover very wide areas, from the agricultural, textile, construction, cosmetic sectors, among many others.

For their part, alternative ecological stamps, that is to say, those granted by institutions or organizations outside the European Union, can also be interesting for our company, as long as it has a recognized prestige.

Create a green team

The creation of one ecological company It has a very specific profile that requires a series of principles and good practices, not only eco-friendly in the activity or product offered, but ideally at a transversal level, encompassing the entire company. Among other aspects, it will be important to train the employees in tuning with those key points or difficult to understand.

On many occasions the staff preparation It may require a training and motivation program, and collaborators must also be chosen based on their profile, for example in relation to their environmental responsibility. Whether it is an office, a factory, a farm or, for example, agricultural production, the fundamental thing is to be truly ecological, not just worry about appearing so.

The importance of commitment

Good marketing can do wonders and end up falsifying reality, but in these cases we are not creating a green businessbut simply a bogus green business. To reach the ultimate consequences, all kinds of issues related to the carbon footprint that business activity will generate must be considered.

At the time of the creation of the company we have to be very clear about the resource costs that its start-up and operation will imply. Efficiency will be key energetic, saving water and applying an ecological overview in production processes, including logistics and packaging, as well as the use of recycled material, let's say, will make a difference and will allow us to delve into the concept of ecology to make it a reality. , which should be tended from the beginning. It must start little by little, but with a clear course to achieve progressive progress, in which the business must be perfected in favor of an ideal of sustainability.

Finally, from the very beginning of the company, it is also vital to develop a communication and public relations strategy to maintain a relationship with the media, customers and suppliers that reflects this green approach to business and reports on its achievements and challenges. At this point, if the results are contrasted with independent sources the results will be serious, that is, much more reliable and rigorous.

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