15 GREEN FLOWERS - Plant Names and Photos

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Although it may seem strange to you, there are many species in nature that give green flowers, even some that are not very common such as roses or daisies. Its different tones evoke nature and has a meaning always linked to good luck and youth. Therefore, from Ecologist Verde, we want you to enjoy this article with a list of 15 green flowers, with the names of the plants and photos, which you can find in nature and hopefully at your nearest florist.

Zantedeschia, calla lily or green water lily

The cove, also known as water lily, is a perennial herbaceous plant native to South Africa. It has a fleshy underground stem that sprouts every year in spring. Its flowers of various shades, where green is also found, are very characteristic for their bell-shaped shape. Its leaves are deep green and arrow-shaped. In addition, both green coves like other shades, they have a very pleasant aroma. It prefers humid areas and does not receive direct sunlight.

Here we show you the care of the water lily and its meaning.

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Chrysanthemum or green-flowered chrysanthemum

These striking flowers are full of symbolism both in the West, where they are used to pay tribute to the deceased, and in the East, where they are a symbol of power. Its flowering time occurs in autumn and it has many different and striking shades. These plants are very resistant and do not require much care. In addition, the flowers are very durable so it is normal to see them exposed both in pots and in decorative shrubs in gardens.

Although the green chrysanthemum flowers They are not the most common, they can be seen in nature and in some florists.

Discover this guide on the Care and cultivation of chrysanthemums.

Rosa chinensis, rosa viridiflora or green roses

The flowers of this variety of green roses they have, in addition to some flowers of up to five centimeters, a very prolonged flowering. One of the peculiarities is that the green color of its flowers turns reddish brown when they age. This shrubby plant can grow up to 120 centimeters tall and is highly disease resistant.

Hemerocallis or Turkish lily

The turkish lilies They are herbaceous plants of low height and are usually evergreen plants. Its long flowering makes it a highly appreciated species in gardening. In addition, its flowers cover a wide range of colors from warm tones to cold tones where green is also found. Its leaves are narrow and very flexible. This plant resists disease well and needs little care to grow vigorously. Continued watering and removing dry areas will be enough to keep them healthy.

Gladiolus hortulanus or gladiolus

This flower native to Europe, South Africa and Asia has a wide variety of colors. Capable of reaching up to 65 centimeters in height, it has very striking flowers with six petals, placed vertically along a good part of the stem and its leaves are deciduous.

The strangest variety of this plant is precisely that of green flowered gladioli.

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Dianthus caryophyllus or carnation

This herbaceous plant is perennial and has woody stems that can reach up to 80 cm in height. Its leaves are opposite and have a color that ranges from the most intense green to gray. In addition, its flowers with more than five petals cover a wide spectrum of tones that include red, pink, white, yellow and the rarest variety are the green flower carnations. This plant does not tolerate clay soils well.

Scabiosa stellata or lesser scabiosa

Also known as pincushion, belongs to the honeysuckle family and is native to southwestern Europe and North Africa. It is used as an ornamental flower thanks to its bouquets of flowers that range from purple to green.

You can see these strange green flowerss in the image below and on the cover image of this article.

Moluccella Laevis or Bells of Ireland

The bells of ireland they are easily recognizable by their tall, dark green stems densely covered by lighter bell-shaped leaves. The bells of Ireland are beautiful on their own or in combination with other flowers. This versatile flower works best in decoration placed in centerpieces, especially for smaller tables.

Celosia cristata or cockscomb

Of lanced leaves, the cristata lattice, also known as cockscomb it is a plant of tropical origin. It is a very decorative flower with a variety of intense colors where we can also find different shades of green and yellow. Long-flowering it can also be used as a houseplant.

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Echinacea purpurea "Green jewel" or green daisy

This variety of coneflower It is very striking not only for its green flowersbut because of its size and fragrance. Its flower stems are very robust and stand upright easily. In addition, its compact arrangement makes it perfect for decorating gardens in the form of small hedges as a central plant in any corner of the house. They have a very long and lasting bloom.

Other green flowering plants

To finish, we leave you more names of green flowering plants:

  • Asclepias viridis or milkweed.
  • Gerbera jamesonii or African daisy.
  • Ornithogalum longibracteatum or lucky onion.
  • Ceropegia sandersonii or umbrella flower.
  • Helleborus fetidus or fetid hellebore.

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