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Air pollution is a serious problem for people's health. Every year its victims are counted by millions. According to the latest estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2012 about 7 million people died from this type of pollution.

Keep reading the following Green Ecologist article to find out about the different health problems from air pollution. Here you will find information about air pollution and the main health problems that it causes or seriously worsens and a very practical infographic to better understand it.

Cancer and other health problems from air pollution

Between the air pollution problems We can differentiate those that occur in the environment or nature, which affect us in a more or less direct way, and those that occur in our health. In this article we want to focus on the importance of knowing the health problems caused by air pollution.

We start by talking about cancer and other serious health problems. It was not until 2013 that the WHO decided to include air pollution as one of the causes that causes cancer, especially of the lung and bladder. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, belonging to the WHO, it was an obvious reality that should be officially recognized. Not surprisingly, numerous studies have found a causal relationship between environmental pollution and cancer, and the numbers are staggering. In 2010 alone there were more than 220,000 deaths from lung cancer as a result of environmental pollution.

Regardless of the contamination levels, the personal incidence will depend on a sum of factors, such as the intensity and frequency of the exposure or the sensitivity of each one. However, it can be concluded that, in a generalized way, in addition to cancer, environmental pollution also causes breathing and heart problems.

The WHO research focused on crossing data from the polluting emissions obtained via satellite and statistics on mortality, finding for the first time a strong association between exposure to air pollution and this type of disease. The main ones are ischemic heart disease and cerebrovascular accidents (both with 40%), followed by chronic obstructive lung disease (11%), lung cancer (6%) and respiratory diseases, which, then, in children reached 3% of the cases.

Heart problems at birth from air pollution

Another of the serious health effects from air pollution are congenital or birth defects. Environmental pollution significantly affects the fetus. According to a recent Canadian report by the University of Alberta, this can have serious consequences for the future baby and lead to health problems that last into adulthood.

Specifically, the study indicates that the exposure of mothers to sources of atmospheric pollution can lead to congenital heart defects. Basically, pollution would prevent a proper evolution of the fetus, causing an abnormal development of this vital organ, with what this means for the baby when it is born and, in general, for its entire life.

The study alerts pregnant women, especially those in the early stages of pregnancy. Although there may be dangerous suspended particles in the home, such as chemical household cleaners, insecticides, etc., the tests carried out led to the conclusion that toxic substances from the chemical industries represented the greatest risk.

Infographic of health problems due to air pollution

Here below you can see a infographic of air pollution and health problems that we suffer the most related to this pollution.

Regular exposure to environmental toxins It may turn out to be much more serious than previously thought. And not only because it is associated with tremendous diseases, such as cancer or the dreaded cardiovascular diseases, as well as various respiratory tract infections. Above all, knowing these figures has been surprising because, simply, they were not expected to be so high.

Compared to the 3.2 million deaths estimated in 2008, this latest report has corrected its estimates to an inconceivable figure, although the previous one was already tremendous. In addition, we must consider that they include all types of atmospheric contamination, whether interior or exterior.

In turn, it is a study that analyzes very different situations, with the only common denominator of polluting emissions throughout the world, so its value is merely informative. In other words, it is very useful to know the true dimension of the problem, although combating pollution requires particular actions and, at the public level, policies focused on each area or specific case to adjust to the different problems.

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