Ideas for eco-friendly crafts

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Ecological crafts they can be very decorative, practical, original or, ideally … all this at the same time. In this post we propose projects as surprising as they are simple, which will give a special touch to your garden, room or any corner of your home, while having an interesting practical use.

In this of the eco craftsAs is easy to guess, the imagination rules and the truth is that the most ingenious ideas shine in a special way. Finding the creative side to a waste, giving it a new life and doing it with a note is a challenge, and precisely because of this difficulty, when there is a lack of magic, recycling ideas are appreciated to inspire us.

Garden or balcony full of life

The spark can arise at any time and from all kinds of materials, but when we focus on a topic it is easier for brainstorms to arise, even a deluge of them thanks to the experience we are acquiring. This is what would happen if, for example, we decided to improve the biodiversity of our garden providing the birds with feeders, drinkers and nests in which to shelter, lay their eggs and raise their chicks.

Getting started is the most difficult, but there is nothing to worry about, because starting with a good idea simplifies things a lot. We suggest, for example, to turn a plastic water jug into a birdhouse and hang it from a tree or in a feeder or even in a shelter.

Do you want more ideas? do hanging structures in which to fix a piece of bread and be able to lean on it to eat it or hang cans with ribbons or strings and introduce birdseed inside, they will be beautifully painted and with a ribbon of a contrasting color. Likewise, these cans will be precious flowerpots if we paint their interior and line them with fabric or decorative paper.

The garden is a wonderful space, ideal for these projects, but they will still look great on a balcony or terrace. If we work with care and good taste, we will make that outdoor space a more beautiful and lively place.

Make cloth bags

The ecologic bag It is fashionable, and making it with old clothes or scraps is quite easy. In addition, if we paint a drawing or use beautiful fabrics, for example as a patchwork, it will be decorative both hanging on the kitchen wall and when we take it for a walk. We will take care of the planet twice, because by recycling we avoid having to buy it and also use plastic ones.

If we like the result, the next ones would be perfect gif.webpts for family and friends, especially if we personalize them with drawings or witty phrases, humorous or, for example, that make you think.

Recycle egg cartons

Egg cartons They are a gold mine for creative recycling, tremendously versatile to shape the most varied projects. Its fun shapes help achieve eye-catching results just by painting them. They will be very practical organizers, and will take up little space if we stack them.

In a carton of half a dozen we have enough space to make a lovely sewing box, in which each compartment it will help to have threads, abujas, buttons well ordered …

Once you start with a project, new ideas, variants, alternatives will most likely come to your mind that will improve it or that will serve you for the next time. Getting down to work is the best way to make them flow and improve day by day while we make a gesture in favor of the environment. And you, do you already have any new ideas? Well, go ahead, show everything you are capable of.

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