Ideas to decorate the garden with broken objects

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Reusing broken objects has that ecological point that we like so much, but this time decoration and originality are the queens of the party. Whether recycling or reusing, in this post you will find imaginative ideas that seek to beautify, draw smiles and be practical.

The ideal setting is a garden, but they can also serve as inspiration to apply on a terrace or balcony. Or why not, even inside your home. Everything that you like, if it is well integrated into the decoration, very probably will be good idea, and others will like it. Or not. After all, it's you who should like it.

Flowerpots and chairs

Broken flower pots are another. When one sees the waste of ingenuity and fantasy that some viral creations treasure, one understands that throwing away a broken flowerpot is a real shame.

Terracotta pots are the main candidates to win the award for best result. The images attest to this, but at the same time they serve as inspiration to achieve great things with other types of pots. The material, in the end, is the least of it. Above all, when there is imagination and illusion.

The funny thing is that it is more about being patient and building a small universe inside the pot than being a handyman. A work that is paying off, very grateful, demonstrating that piano piano if it arrives lontan.

But what if we don't feel like starting such an elaborate project, in the short or long term? One solution is to make a simpler version. It will suffice to capture the essence of the proposal to make ours. Without further complications, simply taking advantage of a broken pot with a minimally decorative result.

As a second option, let's finish breaking the pot and use the pieces as markers for different crops. In the image you can see how beautiful it is, even when the pieces are uneven. There's the fun, actually.

The chairs, meanwhile, are a classic of creative recycling. The effect that is achieved is spectacular. The seat must be eliminated, It is the only condition, but generally broken chairs are used for this use, so it should not represent a problem, although they should be treated to protect them from the elements. In short, it is about using the chair as a tall planter. In this way, the plants look beautiful, especially when they are hanging and have colored flowers.

Plates and glasses

The glasses that are left without the base seem to be doomed to end up in the garbage can. However, they give so much of themselves as candle holders that before an image like the one that opens the post, there are really no words. Just add that it would also look great with floating candles, both burying them in the ground and in pots or planters.

Dishes are another gold mine that we cannot miss. Whether we have a garden or if we live in an apartment, its recycling possibilities deserve to be taken into account. In this post we highlight your possibilities to turn sidewalks, wall mosaics, fountains, ponds or any other surface into a great little work of art.

Likewise, fantastic interior projects can be made. The most complicated thing will be to gather the amount of pieces necessary to carry it out, although the number will depend on what we intend to do. Then, we just have to place the pieces randomly or following a certain order. For example, in a concentric way, by colors, shapes or in the way we prefer.

Plates that have small notches are ideal for making a birdseed to feed wild birds. Among other reasons, because they can support each other when they eat and it is essential that they have a good cleaning to avoid possible infections between birds.

Finally, dishes that are broken into relatively large pieces also serve as crop markers or, if we prefer, to write a motivating phrase. And, of course, we will always be in time to continue breaking them to make a mosaic.

In many cultures breaking dishes brings good luck. It is not about going to tear it to shreds, but if it happens, we already know that, within the misfortune, we have also been lucky. Things of creative recycling …

Brighten up our garden

Be that as it may, the objective we have is always the same: to turn a waste into a decorative object that cheer our garden and, even better, it is also functional. Difficult, almost almost squaring the circle? None of that, you just have to dare to break the ice, pun intended. And, once broken, see what we do with it to decorate, swift and fast, before it melts …

Outside of jokes, there are other materials much more durable than a piece of ice out of the freezer. They are objects that have a long useful life, unless they break, and unfortunately they do so often. We talk about the cups, the tires cars, flower pots, old chairs or, for example, plates and other dishes.

In the image above you can see how much a pair of flat tires give of themselves. The camera has been removed and turned into original planters. Although any plant can be beautiful, in this case it is played with the variety, different heights and the prominence of flowers. This contrast between the delicacy of the chosen plants and the roughness of the tire is very decorative.

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