How to make Christmas decorations with pinecones - ecological and easy

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When the Christmas season approaches, we begin to think about how we want to decorate the house. There are countless ideas, ornaments that we can buy and things that we can use to create home decorations. For example, we can choose to do our bit to take care of the environment and do Eco-friendly, inexpensive and easy Christmas ornaments. This idea leads us to reuse elements, whether they are natural or not, but do not buy new ones or contaminate the environment.

In this Green Ecologist article we suggest you decorate your home with pine cones, a very Christmas idea and respectful of the environment if done well. In addition, making crafts with dried pineapples can be a lot of fun, a perfect activity to do as a family. Keep reading and discover how to make Christmas decorations with pinecones, from centerpieces to decorations for the door of your home.

How to choose pinecones for Christmas decorations

Also, to choose pine cones to decorate your table, or for any of the following crafts, you will have to collect throughout the year those that you find on the excursions you do to the mountains or in the park, which are quite complete even though they are more or less open. Remember not to take all the ones you see, because you will not need many, but the ecosystem does need them, since they are food for some animals and for plants, when they decompose. While you have been collecting pineapples you can get some twigs and leaves that you see beautiful, again without overdoing it. Once you have them and clean them a bit, you can start the crafts.

How to Make Dried Pineapple Centerpieces

If you wonder How to Make Pine Cone Christmas Ornaments, to start a good idea to give a Christmas touch to the home is to prepare decorated pineapples to make a centerpiece and, in this way, make our own with what we have at hand or can reuse from other years. For example, if you have a center that is already a little old or something broken, do not throw it away, better propose to the family to do crafts together and fix it with some dried and decorated pinecones. Follow these instructions to Make a Christmas Centerpiece:


  • Hard foam tray, plate or block
  • Various pine cones
  • Long candles
  • Twigs
  • Dry leaves
  • Moss
  • Glue or glue
  • Painting
  • Purpurin
  • Ribbons or bows

We remind you that it is important that glue, paint and glitter are products non toxic and suitable for children.


  1. To make the centerpiece you can choose to decorate it with dried painted or natural pineapples.
  2. You will need a base on which to make the center, such as a tray, plate, or foam block.
  3. You can gather several branches, leaves and even moss to cover the base of the center well, if you do it in a foam try to nail it well and if you use a flatter base, glue or tie all the parts well to create a base that you can place on the plate or tray.
  4. Decorate the pineapples dry if you don't want them natural. You can use paints and glitter, mainly in green, red, gold and silver for being more Christmas.
  5. Once they are dry, place them next to each other on the edge of the base, between the moss, the leaves and the branches, to leave the middle part free to place a couple of long candles.
  6. If the pinecones and candles are not holding together well, you can apply a little glue to their base. Finally, you can place some bow or ribbon.

How to make dried pineapple garlands

If you want to decorate your Christmas tree, some walls or corners or even the fireplace, a very decorative, cheap, simple and natural idea is Making Dried Pinecone Garlands.


  • Dried and clean pineapples
  • Eyebolts or sockets
  • Ribbon or cord


  1. Drive an eyebolt into the base of each pineapple.
  2. Pass the tape, string or cord through the holes of each nail or, if they are semi-closed in the shape of a hook, you can pierce the tape to pass the nail.
  3. Go placing them one by one leaving the same distance, for example 5 cm or up to 20 cm, as you prefer.

Although you can decorate the pinecones with paint, we recommend that you leave them natural, as well as that the color of the ribbon is also a natural or Christmas tone, as it will accompany the decoration of this time more.

Christmas tree decorations with pine cones

At this prominent time of year, it is tradition to place a Christmas tree in the home and decorate it with balls, lights, garlands and a star at the top. In addition, other decorations, such as pine cones, can be placed.

Can paint pineapples with glitter and paints and place a piece of thread or string on them making a loop to be able to pass it through the branches of the tree. Another idea is make reindeer with pineapples, you simply have to place a loop of string on the wide base to hang them, hook a couple of twigs that simulate the horns on each side, paint the eyes and the nose, or make them with felt and glue them, and place under the horns a couple of small leaves or use felt to make the ears.

Christmas candles made with pinecones

Another of the most creative options for making Christmas decorations with dried pinecones is to make candles with them, so they will have this curious shape and will give a warm touch and according to the time to your home. For Make Pine Cone Candles follow these steps:


  1. Dried pineapples, as many as candles you want to make
  2. Highlights
  3. Colored or white candles
  4. Saucepans to melt wax


  1. Tie a wick around the top of each pineapple, tie a knot near the pineapple, and cut two to three fingers apart.
  2. Put a candle of each color or white candles in a water bath in different pots and leave them like that or add the dyes you want.
  3. When they are melted, remove the saucepans from the heat and let them warm a little so as not to burn you and begin to submerge each pineapple, taking them from the wick and dipping until the knot is covered. If the wax gets too cold, reheat it to continue making the candles.
  4. The more times you dip the pineapple, the more layers of wax it will have and the thicker the candle will be.
  5. Let them dry by resting the base on a plate or newspaper that you can easily peel or cut later. This way, you will have the pineapple-shaped candles ready.

Pinecone wreath to decorate the door at Christmas

Finally, you can also make a special ornament for the door as a christmas wreath with pine cones:


  • Pine cones
  • Dried pineapple, twigs, leaves and flowers
  • Buy a wreath base from a craft store or florist, or make it from cardstock or cardboard
  • White glue, glue or silicone


  1. Once you have the base of the crown, glue the pineapples in it, placing them on their sides. It is advisable to leave the pinecones natural, but you can paint them if you prefer.
  2. Place the pineapple, twigs, leaves and flowers around the pinecones on the base.
  3. Add some Christmas ribbon or bow.
  4. Attach a string loop or eyebolt to the wreath to hang it securely on the door and give it a nice Christmas touch.

If you like to recycle and help the environment, and your pocket, this Christmas season, do not hesitate to read this other Green Ecologist article in which we explain how to save energy at Christmas.

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