Green gif.webpts for women

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As awareness of the environment spreads, more and more people are looking for ecological gif.webpt ideas, either to be able to give something that they feel is very much their own, or to give the person something that you know they will. you will like it.

The gesture of giving is one of the most beautiful things that can be done in life, with the gif.webpt you give a part of your love and esteem towards that person. That is why it is so important that the gif.webpts are in accordance with the way of thinking of each one.

These eco gif.webpts for women that we are going to give you in this article can be your small contribution to making life a little better for all of us, a small gesture to improve the environment, the lives of vulnerable people and to collaborate with very interesting initiatives.

Eco-friendly gif.webpt ideas: eco-friendly cosmetics

The ecological cosmetics that have become so popular in recent times are proof that personal care is not incompatible with caring for and respecting our environment. In addition, ecological makeup is a perfect gif.webpt for those women who are concerned with caring for the environment.

Despite what may be believed, organic cosmetics are as or more effective than traditional ones. Likewise, they are careful with our skin, avoid the deterioration of our dermis and have not been tested or tested on animals. The combination is a perfect product that combines everything we are looking for in a cosmetic with a series of ethical values that make them an ideal eco gif.webpt for women.

If you do not know what to give, cosmetics or makeup are always practical, easy to find and simple to hit. The options you have are many and varied. For one thing, you can go to any of the many shops of ecological makeup found in most cities or, if you want to do it in a more personal way, you can decide to make organic makeup at home.

Green gif.webpts: solar backpacks

At Ecologista Verde we are great defenders of solar energy, in fact, in our section on renewable energies you will find numerous articles in which we tell you about the great and beneficial innovations that occur in this field.

Among these new gadgets that take advantage of solar energy we find a product that can become a great eco-friendly gif.webpt for active women and travelers, It is a solar backpack. These backpacks are like the traditional ones, however, they also have a solar panel with a charger that can be used to power any electronic device that is carried inside; mobile phones, laptops or tablets.

In addition, they are usually made from recycled PET material, that is, from reused plastic bottles. These backpacks are perfect for those women who often hike, walk or bike to work, or go for a run. Rest assured that it will be an original and ecological gif.webpt that will be of great use to you.

Eco-friendly gif.webpt ideas: recycled shoulder bags

Some years ago an ecological initiative appeared in Barcelona that was very well received and that over time has spread to many other cities in the world, becoming a great alternative when looking for an ecological gif.webpt for women or men.

It's about the shoulder bags made from recycled advertising canvas, bags with an attractive, modern and different image that are made with the fabric of the advertising canvas after being exposed. This means that each design is totally different and unique, in addition, they are handcrafted.

To all this we must add that most of the companies that make these recycled shoulder bags do so following fair trade criteria, allocating a large part of the profits to local associations and NGOs.

Natural gif.webpts for women: plants

Yes, we know it is a traditional gif.webpt, but we cannot fail to mention plants and flowers as one of the eco gif.webpts for women. Indoor or outdoor, plants, trees or shrubs, in pots or for planting, whatever they are, they are always an ideal gif.webpt for those people who like to take care of it.

But we want to go a step further and offer you a fantastic alternative to give away that is far from the ordinary and that is very original and fun: vertical gardens.

When we talk about vertical gardens, an idea that has become very popular in recent years, we refer to a new way of planting and integrating flowers and plants in our home. It is not only how beautiful they are and what is striking about this option, it is like having nature at home, providing freshness and all at a very low cost.

Eco creative gif.webpts: natural soap

What can there be more original and creative what to make a gif.webpt with your own hands? You are not only giving away a product, you are also giving away your time, your attention and a part of yourself. In this sense, natural soaps are a great option if you want to make a eco gif.webpt.

But the benefits of these soaps are not only that they do not pollute and are much more respectful with the environment, but they are also much more respectful of our skin and health. The reality is that in many stores and herbalists you can find this type of handmade soapsHowever, if you want to make a gif.webpt that is really yours, you can try doing it with your own hands.

In the following Green Ecologist article we leave you different alternatives so that you can learn how to make these yourself ecological soaps:

  • How to make homemade soap without caustic soda.
  • How to make handmade herbal soaps.
  • How to make lavender soap with recycled oil.

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