The best wooden sunglasses - sustainable and ecological fashion

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Caring for the environment is important for our health and development and for the future of the planet. The role that terms such as sustainability or ecology play in our lives is fundamental, since they help us manage our natural resources, which improves the state of the environment and our day-to-day life. For this reason, many brands and products have joined sustainability and ecology, to cause less negative impact on the environment.

Next, at Ecologista Verde we discover one of the most sustainable products of the moment, in which ecology has had a positive influence. We talk about best wooden sunglasses, created from 100% natural wood and cork. They will surprise you!

Cork as a material for sustainable fashion

Cork is one of the most sustainable materials of the moment. It is extracted from the cork oak tree, present in Mediterranean landscapes. Currently, we can find this tree in 9 countries.

Cork extraction is done in a sustainable way, that is to say, with hardly altering the state of the tree from which this material is obtained. Therefore, using it, in addition to being ecological, means helping to conserve natural spaces, their flora, fauna and culture.

The natural cork sheets are worked to give life to numerous sustainable products, such as cava or champagne stoppers or different jewelery and accessories.

Show off a piece of Mediterranean forest without affecting the landscape and helping to take care of the environment, is possible thanks to ecological activities that allow us to obtain varied and sustainable quality products.

The fashionable sunglasses are the wooden ones

In addition to being fashionable and keeping up with the latest trends, you can be ecological. Many brands are beginning to introduce sustainable products with which, in addition to enjoying, we collaborate with the care and protection of the environment.

One of them is the wooden and cork sunglasses, like the ones they offer Cork by Nature, a perfect option offered by big brands. Are wooden sunglasses are perfect for summer, because in addition to being part of sustainable fashion that allows to collaborate in sustainable development, they are light, polarized glasses, have UV400 protection and combine with everything. The cork allows you to give them a modern and different air, which will highlight your tan in summer and will make you feel unique.

Ecological woodLike bamboo wood, it has carved out a niche among eyewear brands to give it a contemporary look.. Go cool and go green, is possible thanks to the wooden sunglasses that combine chic air with surfer and natural touches. For this reason, the designers have given the classic sunglasses models the urban, alternative and sustainable touch that wood gives them.

The best wooden sunglasses - fashion brands

Large opticians already have varied models of brands of the best wooden sunglasses:

  • Cork by Nature
  • Deerwoods
  • Bambooka
  • Shwood
  • WoodGlass
  • Cufflinks
  • Bamboo
  • Palens Barcelona
  • Bwood Sunglasses
  • Grind
  • Woodys Barcelona
  • Ocean sunglasses
  • Vickmars

There are even models from big brands like Ray-Ban, Gucci or Chanel.

More and more brands have decided bet on sustainability. To achieve this, they provide their products with Ecological materials that allow working on sustainability. And it is that consumers no longer only look at aesthetics, now they are already going one step further.

However, of all the selected brands, at Ecologista Verde we recommend Cork by Nature, because we know first-hand its quality and the work to do to take care of the environment while remaining fashionable.

The environmental impact of fashion creation increasingly influences the consumer's final decision. For this reason, brands are betting on sustainable or ethical fashion that takes care of the environment in its process. In addition, these products are also endowed with accessible fashion, since they do not have a high cost.

Wooden glasses are an example of this. Thanks to this product, a twist has been given to optical fashion, which is gaining more ground day after day. This type of product not only has the added value of being sustainable, but it also adds a touch to fashion, revolutionizing it and providing a fresh style that makes those who consume it fall in love.

Now that you know some of the best wood and cork sunglassesYou may also be interested in discovering Cork by Nature wood and cork wristwatches, it's time to take care of the environment!

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