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Today, the majority of the world's population lives in cities. If we compare it with not so many years ago, when almost everyone lived in (or in the) countryside, we will realize that with respect to our ancestors we have lost that link that previously united us with nature.

In addition, more and more environmental problems are caused by human action and threaten to destroy or damage nature. Fortunately, the number of people with an ecological conscience is growing, wanting to reverse all that damage that has been done in nature, and for all of them we leave them the best famous environmental phrases and phrases about mother earth to encourage you to know and take care of more and better our planet.

Short phrases about Earth

The good thing if brief twice good. And it is that many words are not needed to express complex feelings and emotions, a good example of this are these short phrases about Earth:

  • The poetry of Earth has never died, John Keats.
  • Nature does not do anything in vain nor does it do anything incomplete. Aristotle.
  • A good man is one who is a friend of all beings. Gandhi.
  • The trees that have the best fruits are those that are slow to grow. Molière.
  • Nature is the support of all beings and life in the universe. Dalai Lama.
  • Earth loves our feet, but is afraid of our hands.
  • Earth does not belong to Man, Man belongs to Earth.
  • A single acorn can create a thousand forests. Ralph Waldo.
  • Love nature, study nature, surround yourself with nature. She will never let you down. Frank Lloyd Wright.
  • Wisdom has never said one thing and nature has said another. Juvenal.
  • Nature is not a place you visit, it is a home.
  • Nature is not a place to visit. It is home. Gary Snyder.
  • Every flower that blooms is a part of the soul of the Earth. Gérard de Nerval.
  • The flowers on the table are better than the diamonds on the neck. Emma Goldman.
  • Nature always strives to preserve the universe. Robert Boyle.
  • It is in the details where the beauty of nature is found. Natalie Angier.
  • Green is the main color of the Earth, its beauty comes from green. Calderón de la Barca.
  • Nature is the one that provides the exceptions to the rules. Margaret Fuller.
  • Flowers retain light inside their roots. Theodore Roethke.
  • Birds don't sing because they have answers, birds sing because they have songs. Maya Angelou.
  • Nature is like an infinite sphere that has the center everywhere and the circumference nowhere. Blaise Pascal.

Mother Earth Phrases

Mother Earth is the personification of our planet. There are many cultures that personify nature with a kind of Goddess of fertility, a mother who welcomes us and gives us shelter. On April 22 the International Day of Mother Earth is celebrated and, below, we will explain some phrases to express your love for Mother Earth:

  • If we do not act sustainably, Mother Earth is going to say goodbye to us.
  • Mother Earth, I internally cried for you at that moment of the immense stop that we call Time.
  • We all look too much at Mother Earth, but we live little with her.
  • Mother Earth has a very deep memory. All that he has suffered since the night of time is engraved on his face. Michel Tournier.
  • The green of the world is wonderful, many times we want to get rid of it, but ultimately it is what saves us. Patrick Ness.
  • Humans are key at this time, we have to align our strategies with the healing powers of Mother Earth, we cannot afford to break the rules of her house. Naomi Klein.

Short environmental phrases

Discover short phrases about the environment spoken by some of the men and environmental women most important in history:

  • The same wind is the one that straightens the tree after tilting it. De Gaulle.
  • Let nature do what it wants, Montaigne is the one who knows her craft better than anyone.
  • The best thing about roses is that they are very beautiful but they do not know it. Jose Maria Peman.
  • There is nothing superfluous or useless in what nature does. Copernicus.
  • Everything withers; glory, freedom or art, but nature will always be beautiful. Lord Byron.
  • Nature falls asleep or hides, but is rarely extinguished. Francis Bacon.
  • Nature has its rights, rights that will always prevail. Hume.
  • Nature abhors a vacuum. Discards
  • What is sad about ecological education is that you realize that you live in a world full of scars. Aldo Leopold.
  • If we seek long-term prosperity, environmental protection and economic growth are incompatible, they are on opposite sides of the coin. Henry Merritt Paulson Jr.
  • The goal of science should not be to conquer nature, but to be able to live with it. Barry Commoner.
  • The love of nature is like art or music, that is, a language that humans have in common and that crosses social and political boundaries. Jimmy Carter.
  • Each planet is an experiment. Edward Osborne Wilson.

Ecological phrases

Discover these ecological phrases that will make you think about the importance of loving and conserving our planet:

  • Nature does not punish or compensate, it simply has consequences. Bob Ingersoll.
  • That we can understand the laws of nature does not mean that we have become immune to the operations it does. David gerrold
  • Until our time man has lived against nature, from now on he is living against his own nature. Dennis Gabor.
  • Nature is all we need to preserve the world. Henry David Thoreau.
  • It is totally wrong to try to treat the land as if it were a business going to liquidation. Herman Daly.
  • There are people who walk in the rain, there are others who simply get wet. Roger Dean Miller.
  • Earth and Water are the two essential fluids for life to exist, now they have become large garbage cans. Jacques cousteau
  • They will be able to cut off all the flowers that will never be able to stop spring. Pablo Neruda.
  • Humanity is not possible if we do not change our relationship with Mother Nature. Rigoberta Menchu.
  • There are people who are comfortable in nature simply because nature does not have an opinion of us.
  • Maintaining a love for nature is the only way to understand art. Van Gogh.
  • The lands have an owner, but the landscape is only owned by those who can appreciate it. Upton Sinclair
  • If you serve Nature, Nature will serve you. Confucius.
  • If we no longer learn to respect Nature, what future can we hope for for future generations? Rigoberta Menchu.
  • When man frames it, nature becomes landscape. Le Corbusier.
  • In the environment nothing is isolated. All phenomena affect each other, at the same time, all are influenced. Forgetting this movement and the interaction of the universe prevents us from seeing even simple things clearly. Friedrich Engels.

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