The greenest countries in the world

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Europe is the greenest continent on the planet, we are increasingly concerned about the environment and it shows in our daily activities. However, the EPI (Index of Environmental Representation) has shown a slight overall decline in the quality of the environment globally.

The factors taken into account for this study are greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which cause the climate change, the impact of agricultural and fishing systems, forest conservation, protection of animal and plant biodiversity, water quality and its index of water stress and air pollution in cities. The EPI is configured as a reference index so that countries can improve the environment and the health of their population.

The old continent has the best environmental healthSince of the top 20 countries, 13 are European. Being Iceland the most ecological and one of the few countries that improves with respect to 2008. While Switzerland is placed in second position.

Top 5 greenest countries in the world

  1. Iceland (93.5 points): despite being the best, it has to improve air pollution and its effect on ecosystems.
  2. Swiss (89 points): very good management of drinking water or in caring for ecosystems. It must also further reduce its environmental pollution and protect ecosystems.
  3. Costa Rica (86, points): its great natural wealth allows you to live in much of ecotourism, you have to reduce air pollution.
  4. Sweden (85 points): very good results in the Human health, to improve it has air pollution and its protection of marine areas.
  5. Norway (81, points): excellent water quality and very good forest management, but its offshore oil production generates too much pollution.

From top 5 to top 10

  1. Maurice Island (80, points): beautiful country with indisputable natural beauty with indisputable good environmental health but needs to improve marine protection.
  2. France (78, points): one of the most powerful and ecological countries, although it fails in several indicators related to climate change or air pollution.
  3. Austria (78, points): it also records good results in the main health and environmental indicators, but its air needs a good cleaning to be breathable.
  4. Cuba (78, points): ecological country for the sanitation and care of its forests, but fails in marine protection and air pollution.
  5. Colombia (76, points): it conserves a large part of its natural biodiversity in good condition, but pollution is also one of its worst indicators.

Spain is placed in position 25 of this ranking.

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