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Everything seems to indicate that the protection and restoration of the planet and biodiversity is going to be the most important problem that human beings have to face in this 21st century. For this reason, it is important to carry out activities to take care of the environment, especially those aimed at the youngest and that can help to create awareness in children so that from childhood they feel identified with the cause and are made aware of the importance to take care of the environment and nature. If you want to know some activities to take care of the environment and that you can do without too many complications, keep reading Green Ecology and we will tell you about it.

Make useful objects with recycled materials

One of the most illustrative activities that allow children to understand the importance of caring for the environment is recycling, especially when they are the ones who carry out this activity. These activities can be carried out in many ways, from recycling paper at home, using plastic bottles or tetrabricks to make useful everyday objects, or countless other actions based on the reuse of waste materials.

One of the perhaps most interesting activities that can be carried out in this sense is the Furniture restoration, since they are much more voluminous and showy objects once their recycling has been completed. To do this, we can get an old and antique-looking piece of furniture and sand it and apply a new coat of paint, before finishing with a coat of varnish. The result will be a completely new piece of furniture without the need to remove an old one and buy a new one. If it is the first time that it is done, a good option to start would be the bedside tables, since they are small and easy to handle furniture.

Field trips in order to protect or restore the environment

On the other hand, an activity that should not be lacking when it comes to caring for the environment would be the field trips focused with a constructive profile beyond the simple fact of enjoying nature. In this sense, a good example could go out into the field in order to collect the "trash" that we find during a hiking trip. To do this, it is best to carry bags and skewers that allow us collect the garbage we find in our path with ease. Unfortunately, it is most likely that we will find it in abundance.

Likewise, another of the activities that we can carry out in the form of field trips is that of reforest a damaged wooded area. To do this, the most advisable thing is to do it with an organized group, which is usually simple when you contact one of these local or neighborhood groups dedicated to activities of this type for the benefit of the community. Here we explain the importance of reforestation.

Vegan dinners or meals with friends at home

Another activity available to take care of the environment and without having to leave home is to carry out themed dinners or lunches with family and friends. The fundamental element of these dinners goes through both awareness and the exchange of ideas from vegan recipes made with local products, food products that reduce our environmental impact considerably. Although it is an especially attractive option for vegans and vegetarians, it can be a good way to promote more environmentally friendly diets for omnivorous people who fear approaching these dietary options due to ignorance or misinformation.

A fairly easy way to carry out this type of lunch or dinner is to distribute the kitchen to each person who is going to attend. In this way, for example, you can ask one person to make a first, another a second, and another a dessert. The rules would be to get the most appetizing meals but, at the same time, to get them to be the lowest since the environmental impact point of viewTherefore, the use of local or organic products would be important points to take into account, as well as the use of ingredients of plant origin that are much less harmful to the environment than those of animal origin.

Exhibitions, conferences, museums and scientific outreach activities

Another of the most important activities that we can carry out in favor of the environment, and which are especially important in the case of children, consists of educate in respect for the planet. If children are aware of the problems that climate change and human activity cause in the environment from a young age, they will be adults aware of the protection of nature, which will also lead to adults who direct their lifestyle to one that is respectful of the environment. planet. In this way, attend exhibitions and conferencesAs well as centers where children can discover and expand their knowledge about nature and how humans influence the environment will foster the critical mind of children, resulting in responsible adults from an environmental perspective.

Finally, in this video of tips you can learn more about how to take care of the environment.

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