How to Install SOLAR PANELS - Steps and Professional Tips

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Betting on solar panels, relying on renewable energy and contributing to energy savings is increasingly important to contribute to sustainability at home. Thanks to new technologies, generate clean and renewable energy to self-consumption It is at our fingertips, although there is also a great lack of knowledge about its installation, its use and its regulation.

Next, in this Green Ecologist article, we explain how to install solar panels to be able to supply yourself with energy in your private home. Thanks to new technologies you will be able to obtain green, ecological and sustainable energy. Find out how!

What are solar panels

Solar panels are flat devices, with a rectangular shape, whose main objective is to absorb the radiation of the sun in order to transform it into electricity. This is a simple process of obtaining solar energy that occurs when the solar rays fall on said panels, where their composition of photons converts light into electric power.

Since its development in 1945, photovoltaic panels have undergone a great evolution. Although at the beginning they were destined for business uses, such as special satellites, soon, around the 60s, small solar panels for domestic uses, such as calculators, began to be incorporated. Currently, solar panels are a sustainable method of energy transformation capable of supplying and supplying electricity to entire buildings.

Regarding the types of solar panels, we can basically differentiate two main types: photovoltaic panels, which allow the sun's energy to be converted into electrical energy, and thermal solar panels, which transform the sun's energy into thermal energy, that is, into heat. Likewise, currently you can also find hybrid solar panels that combine both methods of energy transformation.

In this other Green Ecologist article we tell you in much more detail what solar panels are and how they work.

Why bet on solar panels

Betting on solar panels is betting on sustainable energy and self-consumption. This type of method to achieve renewable and clean energy allows its consumers to be self-sufficient and completely control their spending and energy consumption in the home. Also, the legislation on self-consumption allows many individuals to reduce their energy consumption through the installation of quality solar panels.

Between the advantages that reaffirm the idea of betting on solar panels highlights the idea of being able to have your own source of renewable energy, on a small or large scale, which translates into:

  • Self-consumption.
  • Immediate availability of energy.
  • Energy saving
  • Green and renewable energies, since they do not have an impact on the environment.
  • It is an abundant energy, since the sun receives 20 thousand times more solar radiation than the energy necessary to supply the planet.
  • Maintenance is basic, you just need to do a proper cleaning. Solar panels also have a 20-year useful life guarantee.
  • It can be a shared system, especially in buildings, where all neighbors can be supplied with community solar panels, which reduces the level of spending and electricity savings.

How to install solar panels - steps and tips

Now that you know the main advantages that you can benefit from if you bet on the use of solar panels, it is important to know how to install solar panels.

  • First of all, as a private individual, you must have your own private roof. If you live in a block of flats or want to install the panels in a specific building, you must have the approval of all the neighbors and / or owners.
  • If you already have a space where you can place the solar panels for self-consumptionIt is important to see which is the panel that best suits your energy needs, before contacting the specialized company and purchasing any panel. Think about its characteristics, basically its durability, quality and performance. Although these three aspects will directly affect the cost of the plate, it will allow you to make use of good panels. Remember that it is very important that the panel adjusts to your consumption habits in order to select the best option.
  • It is also important that you have experts and professionals to do the installation of solar panels, since it is not convenient to do it on your own. Although a priori it seems that the process is simple, a bad installation could cause problems in the medium or long term, which would increase the initial cost of the installation.

For all this, and in order to correctly install the solar panels in your home, we recommend that you follow the following steps:

  1. Ask for an installation budget, as well as an engineering study that allows you to know what your energy consumption is in order to be able to bet on the most appropriate solar panel.
  2. Buy the panel once you have accepted the quote. Trust the professional service of the company where you have bought the plate for its installation, as it is much easier, safer and more reliable for professionals to do the installation than to try it ourselves.
  3. Start saving! Once you have your panel installed, it is time to increase your energy savings for years to come.
  4. Keep the plates in good condition. Although these panels are very resistant, especially to inclement weather, you should clean them at least once a month. You can also hire the same installation company for maintenance; in fact, there are purchase and installation contracts that already include maintenance from time to time.

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