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We are again delving into intelligent design but this time from a security perspective. We all have a flowerpot that we rarely remember to water or a lamp in our house or office, so a group of Japanese engineers have combined security with everyday objects in our home to get some protective helmets originals.

One of the world's largest manufacturers of safety helmets based in Japan presents a unique project called Plus Met. Being prepared for the next earthquake is always important, although few remember that our head is the most important and weak point of the body.

So these clever engineers have made it safer from a possible earthquake with the opportunity to quick access to a safety helmet with the combination of the concept of «Hidden construction helmet» with two everyday household objects, a flowerpot and a lamp.

The first design looks like an original lamp that we could have in the office or in our modern home, where the lampshade is the case and the foot translates into a flashlight.

It is possible that for many the concept moves to a madness over the Japanese country, but when you live in a territory where day after day the furniture in your house moves, your perspective begins to change direction.

The according to design, is to use the base of the flowerpot of a plant like safety helmet.

Possibly the white color is not the one that best matches our office or home, so we can have many colors for the user to enjoy.

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