20 ORNAMENTAL TREES - Names and Photos

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When it comes to beautifying a garden, there are few resources as valuable as that of ornamental trees. Whether they are large or smaller, they have the ability to add a special touch to the area in which they are, helping to delimit and enrich spaces. There are them with very showy flowers, with berries, with leaves that change color depending on the time of year, and so on.

If you want to learn more about the different trees for ornament that exist, join us in this article where we will see 20 ornamental trees, their names, characteristics and photos.

Mimosa, one of the most used ornamental trees

Scientific name Acacia baileyana, It's one of the ornamental trees most common to see. It is actually a shrub, although it can reach heights of up to 8 meters. It has greenish-gray evergreen leaves, but the most striking thing about it are its flowers, of a bright and showy yellow color. These are small in size and appear in inflorescences in the shape of a spherical pompom, very beautiful and decorative. It grows best in hot climates, both in the sun and in semi-shade.

Cow leg

Also called the orchid tree, and with a scientific name Bauhinia variegata, it is a deciduous tree that can reach heights of up to 10 meters. Given its moderate size, it is one of the most popular ornamental trees in small gardens. It has long leaves arranged alternately and its flowers, pink or whiteThey bear a great resemblance to those of orchids.

Here we show you the Care of the cow leg tree.

Jupiter tree

Its scientific name is Lagerstroemia indica, but it is also called crepe or lilac of the indias. It is another small deciduous tree, as its average size is around 8 meters, although it can grow larger over time.

Its flowers, which appear in summer, are its most distinctive feature, as they are grouped in red, white, or pink corsages, very showy and decorative. The appearance of its bark, brown in color and ready texture, is also highly valued, and it adapts without problems to the conditions of the cities.

If you like this ornamental tree, here we explain the Care of the Jupiter tree.

Tree of love, one of the ornamental trees with pink flowers

Although its scientific name is Cercis siliquastrum, it is also called simply cercis, redbud or mad carob. It is rare that it exceeds 6 meters in height, although under very optimal conditions it can double this size.

It is deciduous, and its most appreciated feature is its pretty flowers, which are grouped in pink clusters. Its fruits are also striking, and due to its size it is very popular in gardens and parks.

Hunter's Rowan or Azarollo

This is one of the ornamental trees belonging to the Rosaceae family. It is a deciduous tree (Sorbus Folgneri) originates from southern China. It is a tree with a broad crown and thick trunk, with a grayish-toned bark that takes on green tones in high humidity climates.

Give your flowers in spring, white and small but of great aroma, very useful to attract beneficial pollinating insects for the garden. Its fruits o red berriesthey also feed the birds. It is a very easy to grow and resistant tree, suitable for all types of fans.

Iron tree

Its scientific name is Parrotia persica and it is a large deciduous shrub of the Hamamelidaceae family. It reaches heights of up to 12 meters and it has a very wide and branched structure that gives it the ability to occupy large spaces.

Its trunk, up to 70 cm wide, tends to branch into secondary trunks from very low heights, and is covered in a striking bark of multiple shades that include black, gray and pink. Blooms in winter, with small flowers and red or orange color.

Canada Maple

Also called American or Canadian red maple, its scientific name is Acer Rubrum. It is a deciduous tree that has its origin in North America, and is especially valued for the striking red color that its leaves acquire in autumn.

It can reach heights of up to 20 meters, and is columnar and broad in appearance. Its leaves, its most distinctive feature, are large and webbed, green in the warm months and intense reds, oranges and yellows in autumn.

Codeso of the Alps, one of the ornamental trees with yellow flowers

Its scientific name is Laburnum Alpinum, and is a species of deciduous tree in the Fabaceae family. It has its origin in central and southern Europe, and is popular as an ornamental tree due to its broad shape, which can reach up to more than 6 meters tall and a similar diameter.

It has a highly branched trunk from practically the base, with a grayish bark, and its leaves are dark green. Flowers from spring to summer, giving rise to showy hanging inflorescences of yellow color, very aromatic.

Juglans, one of the Asian ornamental trees

This is an evergreen tree (Juglans Mandshurica) which has its origin in Asia. It is a very fast growing species, which can reach heights of up to 25 meters and somewhat smaller widths, although its crown is very wide. It is especially suitable for Cold climates, as it resists low temperatures very well.

Silver willow

Scientific name Salix Alba Sericea, this deciduous tree is believed to have its origin in Russia. Reach heights of more than 12 meters in the right conditions, and stands out for its silver and green tone leaves, very characteristic.

It is very fast growing and has cracked bark, with a usually very thick trunk. in this other post you can learn more fast growing trees.

More ornamental tree names with photos

To finish, here we leave you a list of 10 ornamental tree names Very seen in parks and large gardens around the world, for the color of its leaves and flowers.

  • Korean maple (Acer pseudosieboldianum).
  • Hop tree (Ptelea trifoliata).
  • Ligustrum (Ligustrum Delavayanum).
  • Catalpa hydride purple (Catalpa X erubescens).
  • Plum-leaved apple tree (Malus prunifolia).
  • Lilo (Syringa vulgaris).
  • Shin (Acacia dig).
  • Elephant leg (Beaucarnea recurvata). Learn about the care of the elephant or nolina leg here.
  • Holly (Ilex aquifolium).
  • Japanese apple tree (Malus floribunda).

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