Costumes made from recycled materials

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Reuse is one of the great maxims to have an ecological behavior. There are many things we can do with waste or with material that we no longer use, from home decoration works, storage boxes to costumes. It is very easy to create a children's or adult costume from materials that are no longer useful to us. In Green Ecologist, we expose you some ideas for making costumes from recycled materials.

Masks for parties and festivals

Masks are one of the simplest elements when it comes to dressing up. We can make many, and various types, from cardboard, old boxes, plastic bottles, muffin paper, threads, and so on.

The simplest way is disassemble a cardboard box and draw the silhouette that will shape the mask. We can make them in the shape of animals, mythological creatures or a futuristic type, the options are numerous! Then we just have to decorate it with the help of tempera, markers or adhesive materials such as stickers that we have at home, cut out two spheres at eye level and make two holes at the ends to tie and later fix the rubber. It is important to take the measurements of the person who will wear the mask well, so that it is comfortable to wear.

If we want to make a more elaborate type of masks, those that imitate Venetian masks that can also be used to decorate the walls of the home, we will only need a balloon, old newsprint and glue or glue. We will then inflate the balloon and cover it with glue and then glue previously cut pieces of newspaper to give them two or three layers that are sufficiently consistent. Let it dry and repeat the process, in this way we will be giving it more hardness. We will insert a pin to explode the balloon and we will cut in half to obtain two molds for two masks. As a result, we will obtain an oval mold to which we will have to make the relevant perforations for the mouth, nose and eyes, decorate with tempers and tie the rubber until it is well fixed.

And a simple and original way to make these masks is from cardboard egg cups. It is as easy as cutting out the egg cup, leaving the protruding part to be the nose of the animal in question that we want to recreate in the mask. With an elastic band to fix it and a suitable decoration, we will have created some beautiful masks.

Crowns for costumes of kings or princesses

One of the less complicated proposals is to make some beautiful crowns from the cardboard of cereal boxes or similar. We will only have to draw the shape of the crown, cut depending on the circumference of the head of the person who is going to wear it and cover with aluminum foil or decorate with paints.

And, if you think the tiny crowns seem cuter, here we have a perfect idea for children's costumes. We will only need the cardboard from the toilet paper roll and the washi tape, which are stickers decorated with interesting patterns and that you will find in drugstores and Todo a Cien stores. First, we decorate the toilet paper cardboard by gluing the different colors of the washi tape around it and then, with scissors, we trim the peaks of the crown. A hole making machine or perforator will give us a simple option to place and adjust the elastic band.

With the same procedure (but painting black, instead of using washi tape) and a base cardboard, we can also make top hats for our magician or magician costumes.

Cardboard fairy or butterfly costumes

Make some wings from a cardboard box it is very simple. We will only have to draw and cut out the shapes of some wings, cut and stick to the clothes on the inside with the help of large pins.

It also applies to dragon wings, in this case we will also add a tail to complete the costume.

Masks with plastic bottles

What better way to be respectful with the environment than by reusing the plastic pollutant? That is why this fun costume is made from soda bottles or similar. We choose a transparent one and remove all the stickers. Next, we draw the silhouette of the mask that we want to recreate. A highly original solution is to opt for multi-colored African masks.

Once cut out of the bottle with the help of scissors, we proceed to paint them with tempera. With the help of a lighter, we round off the sharp edges to avoid damaging or scratching ourselves on contact with the face.

One last way to make masks is from milk jugs. The particular shape of its handle can be perfect to imitate a nose, so we will already have half of the costume done.

We will only need large scissors (preferably pruning) to cut without problems and without hurting our fingers and then a little imagination to integrate the ornaments that we like the most.

Colorful clowns

One of the most cheerful costumes we can choose. We will only need garbage bags and pieces of cardboard. It is a very economical and suitable option to consider if we are going to dress up in a group.

The first thing we have to do is choose the most colorful colors for the garbage bags, for example, blue or orange, and then fold a smaller garbage bag into an elongated rectangle and then tie to form the clown's bow tie, the one that We will glue the garbage bag that serves as the base with glue. To this, we will have previously made an opening for the arms and neck. With recycled paper or pieces of old magazines, we will continue to decorate the costume. The hat is a simple decorated cardboard cone and we can paint the nose on the face or use the compartment of an egg cup attached with an elastic to give even more grace to the costume.

Trash bags give us great options when it comes to making costumes. Also try the cow, the bee, chicken, ladybug, Indian …

Full body costumes

We will only need two big boxes For us Eco-friendly costumes: one of them will occupy the trunk of the child and the other, smaller, the part of the head. While the first box we have to cut the lower part, so that it can walk, the upper part we will keep, drilling only a hole for the head. Likewise, we will have to cut two wide squares to the sides to remove the arms.

Depending on the type of costume, we will cut the holes in the smaller box one way or another to allow the person in costume to breathe and see, trying to make it as comfortable as possible. Then we have to glue both boxes. Some ideas for these costumes from cardboard boxes: you can dress up as a terrifying dragon, a nice robot, some technological device (such as a smartphone or an iPod), a dice, SpongeBob, a bingo sign …

With old balloons

Did you have balloons left over from the last party and you don't know what to do with them? They are perfect for simple costumes that escape the conventional, for example, of bunch of grapes, of blackberry or of hot air balloon. For the first and second case, we only have to inflate the balloons of the corresponding color and dress in clothes of a similar tone. For the second, we will use a cardboard box and paint it until it looks like the basket of a hot air balloon. In the upper part of the box we will stick inflated balloons of different colors. You will cause a sensation!

These ideas are just a few of everything we can do with the wide variety of recycled materials that we obtain in a home. In addition to cutting your budget and giving your children an important ecological lesson, the crafts to make them will allow you to spend magnificent times as a family.

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