5 curious ways to recycle plastic bottles

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The reuse of the bottles PET plastic is one of the recyclables creative More popular. Having a bottle of this type on hand to transform it into any object is easy, so much so that in reality the strange thing would be not to have it.

Giving it that second life is also easy, although bottles They're a raw material that admits from the most basic works (a single bottle can end up being "something else" without the need for anything, and the possibilities increase if we have several, and even more if we gather many) to authentic works of art and even architectural: beautiful greenhouse houses …

The possibilities are almost endless. As basic instruments, you simply need a sharp knife and / or scissors and, for some projects, also adhesive tape and the odd accessory to hold the bottle or to fix it somewhere else. Each project has its characteristics, and as with creative recycling, the dose of imagination, the necessary and the superfluous depend very much on its creator.

A gesture in favor of the environment

If you bet on him recycling from plastic PET we are doing a great favor to the environment, because it does not decompose until hundreds, thousands of years after we throw it away. In practice, they will be more or less biodegradable depending on different factors, such as variations in temperature and humidity.

In addition, in many cases they are not recycled, no matter how much we deposit them in the appropriate container, simply because there is no budget or for other reasons. implausible reasons, in many cases related to corruption.

Original recycling ideas

Logically, his would be to minimize the use of plastic and packaging in general, but it is also true that currently it is not necessary to resort to what one consumes. In this case, it is easy to collect bottles from others, especially when relatives and acquaintances give us a hand. So, once reunited, let's just get down to business. Next, we propose five ideas to transform PET bottles of a original mode:

A noisy scarecrow: Turning the bottle or bottles into a noisy object can scare away unwanted animals in the gardens. To do this, it will be enough to place a bottle on top of a pole, so that the wind can move it, so we will tie it or gently fix it to it. Next, we plant it where we have the crop or the flowers planted, and the wind will move it. The noise is transmitted through the air and also through the stick, which will drive away insects and animals that might swarm nearby.

As can be seen in the images, there are many versions. As long as the idea is respected, variations can be made to improve the results. We can even add a windmill, a kind of pinwheel or a weather vane type device to make the noise more scandalous and also repel the birds. If the design is stylish, it will also be very decorative. Or, for example, by making holes as if they were small windows, the wind will blow and emit an equally dissuasive sound.

More ideas for recycling bottles

Counterweight for different uses: Fill the bottles from Water, sand or gravel up to a certain level will make them very useful counterweights for endless uses. as required. Hanging them on new branches to grow in the desired direction or preventing a young trunk from twisting are two possible options.

Homemade pipes: If we introduce a bottle inside another, interconnecting them in such a way that the water can flow will result in a makeshift pipe that will be of great utility to direct the water from the downspout to a pond or to a storage place, say.

Cute dolls: Assembling bottles or simply decorating a PET bottle can give life to a new being: funny dolls, each one unique and exclusive. If, in addition, we dare to apply heat, we will be able to mold the plastic, with which the creative possibilities They multiply…

Drinkers and feeders for birds: In gardens designed to attract biodiversity, there is no shortage of feeders and drinkers for wild birds, and even the odd nest. We can do everything with PET bottles, it is only a matter of proposing it and finding the perfect design to hang from a branch or fix on a wall. Be that as it may, let's not forget to place a good foothold so that they can eat and drink more easily.

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