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Sustainability, ecology and the environment are words that are becoming more and more part of our daily lives. Through sustainable development, the aim is to meet the needs of today without endangering the resources of the future, which may affect other generations. But how to do it? From the use of renewable energies, to recycling, through self-consumption, green technologies or the efficient use of resources, there are many gestures that can help achieve optimal sustainable development. Next, in this Green Ecologist article, we give you some tips to be more sustainable In your day to day.

What is sustainability

Sustainability is a fundamental concept within ecology and consists of meeting and satisfying the needs of today without jeopardizing the ability of the next generations to achieve the satisfaction of theirs, that is, without risking the resources of the future. The sustainability aims to guarantee the balance between caring for the environment, social welfare and economic growth. The sustainable development It is fundamentally based on this concept to protect natural environments and guarantee access to the same opportunities for all.

From sustainability, specific concepts are born, such as environmental sustainability, to preserve biodiversity without giving up the economy and the social area; social sustainability that seeks to unite society with environmental care and economic stability and economic sustainability that aims to make environmental and social sustainability profitable.

How to be more sustainable

Yes you want to be more sustainable, you should know that by doing some small gestures you can contribute your bit and contribute to sustainable development of the society. How? Modifying some of your daily habits. If you do not know very well how to do it, you can follow these tips to be more sustainable:

  • Bet on eco-friendly packaging. To do this, in addition to buying food with the minimum possible packaging, such as, for example, in bulk, we also recommend using snack bags, which serve to reduce plastic and take our food anywhere without generating waste and being 100% respectful with the environment. Thanks to snack bags , As the snack'n'go food carrier, you can forget about plastic bags and silver foil, thus contributing to the waste reduction, since they are ecological and sustainable.
  • Use the public transport, to reduce CO2, save time in traffic jams and reduce gasoline consumption.
  • Save waterFor example, by showering instead of bathing, using fully loaded washing machines and dishwashers, or installing tap dispensers or smart cisterns.
  • Uses renewable energy and photovoltaic kits for self-consumption at home. With a green home, in addition to reducing the impact on the environment, you will reduce the price of the bill.
  • Save energy at home. To do this, remember not to leave the lights on in unoccupied rooms or rooms, bet on LED bulbs or take food out of the freezer in time to defrost it naturally and reduce the use of microwaves or the oven.
  • Note that reduce, recycle and reuse it is a foundation of sustainability.
  • Prioritize the consumption of proximity products. By promoting the consumption of local products, you will benefit the economy of your territory and, at the same time, you will reduce energy consumption and emissions.

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