Global temperature record, hottest month on Earth

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Global temperature record on the earth's surface, according to satellite data

Did you think it was hot or that weather is a little crazy, because theglobal temperature of the lower section of the atmosphere reached - in February - its highest level according to estimates and records of the meteorological satellites. Actually, on the average planet, it was 0.83 degrees Celsius warmer. That is to say,the hottest month on Earth!

If we remember, 2015 would have been the hottest year in history according to a NOAA report (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration American) and NASA … «Last June the global temperature of the planet reached 0.88ºC, watch out! higher than the average for the entire 20th century. Which also surpassed the temperature of the month June last year at 0.12ºC, which, in turn, had already been the highest since the weather records began. "

We can see the following image to understand that something is happening with the climate change and theearth temperature or, if we are not very convinced, the article that we already made on six graphs that confirm the climate change… HERE.

The image of the Earth last February taken by satellite is …

This past February's reading is remarkable, rising almost 0.3 degrees from the warmest level on record, an "anomaly," or so it is expected, since satellite monitoring that began in late 1978. We believe that the The following graph clearly expresses the forcefulness of the temperature change on Earth for the month of February:

The warm temperature February is probably being dominated by the warm conditions of the El Niño phenomenon, which tends to have hot peaks in the troposphere around the month of February, but it seems that the whole story is not here, since the tropical anomaly for February 2016 ( 0.99º C) is still approximately 0.3º C below the value of February 1998, during the "Super El Niño" of that year. At the same time, strong anomalies were recorded in the temperature of the land surfaceOutside the tropics, in the northern hemisphere, in some places it reached 1.15 ° C and 1.4 ° C higher than average, marking a "milestone."

To know more from HERE. Officially, although the reference report has not yet been published, it will be available shortly from the repository of global temperature reports … HERE.

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