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Technology before drinking water in the world

Many experts already announce that the drinking water It will be the gold of the future. With more success or less and leaving aside speculation, it must be considered that not everyone has a simple tap that provides us with water when we need it.

In reality, the number of people around the world who do not have access to safe water is quite large, around 663 million people according to the WHO. Crazy!… Which confirms the little will that many "modern countries" have acquired in solving this global problem that inevitably falls on the backs of the most disadvantaged territories.

To have a global vision of what is happening in the Non-potable water we have to go to the report issued by the famous WHO (World Health Organization) on access to drinking water in the world and its sanitation.

It is evident that over the years, we have improved in development and many countries already have better accesses and sources of drinking water, but the summary of the report shows that …

At this point, it is necessary to approach the problem from many perspectives and one of them is from the field of technology and what benefits it can bring us. Many ideas!… The ingenuity and creativity to solve the problem, many others, but there is always an innovation that stands out above the rest and that provides a tangible or direct benefit.

We are talking about Water Gen, an ingenious device from an Israeli company that extracts water from the air making it drinkable.

The main action of the device is to take advantage of the natural cycle of condensation of the water existing in the air to transform the steam into purified water.

Although the system used is already known in some more remote rural regions around the world where a kind of network is used with the intention of capturing the water coming from the mist.

Now, the concept has already moved to industrialization and technical improvement with a small drinking water treatment plant.

The company has designed three sizes. Each half-meter module produces around 2L of water per hour at a temperature of 26ºC with a humidity percentage of approximately 60%. The largest, is capable of producing about 3000 liters of water per day and they are also modules built in such a way that they can be scalable.

"If the weather is more humid or hotter, the system generates more water than normal, while if it is a colder and drier place, then it will generate less", according to Kohavi (President of the company)

We leave the promotional video in case anyone is curious

These systems are, in fact, an interim solution pending a coherent and sustainable strategy for an adequate supply and access to water., but they are certainly systems that temporarily benefit without the need to address a complex infrastructure.

As a reminder, two interesting articles; how to make a homemade water filter and the article on architecture and design for refugees where you could already see that innovation can be very sustainable.

If we want to know more about water, it is convenient to visit the WHO from its reference publications from HERE and of interest the Manual for the development of water safety plans with information HERE.

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