Caring for the dwarf orange tree

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Almost all the most common fruit trees are perfect for growing in a pot as well, such as the orange, lemon, pomegranate, cherry and many more, all of them in their "dwarf" version. In the case of citrus, if the plants in large pots are ideal for decorating the garden, terrace or patio. In addition, its flowers begin to sprout in spring and not only give a great color to the place where the tree is, but also the whole environment is perfumed. One of the most sought after to have in a pot is the dwarf orange tree, if you are thinking of acquiring one for your home and you are interested in knowing what the dwarf orange tree care, keep paying attention to this Green Ecologist article in which we tell you about them.

Dwarf orange varieties to have in a pot

As we mentioned, one of these small trees to plant in pots is the dwarf orange, of which there are different pot varieties and that the best are:

  • Citrus aurantium Bouquet: it has bitter fruits and has pointed leaves. Its fruits have a very cheerful color, which makes it a very attractive tree that is completed with dark green foliage and aromatic flowers.
  • Citrus sinensis Navelina: it is one of the smallest orange tree varieties. It has a rounded shape, very few spines and it has dense foliage with very small and elongated leaves.
  • Citrus mitis Bunge: It is a small tree with a dense crown that does not need maintenance pruning, so it is ideal if you cannot spend a lot of time gardening. Its leaves are small and elliptical.

How to care for a dwarf orange tree

Next I will give you a few tips so that you know what the dwarf orange tree care:

- You need quality soil and compost and be paid throughout the year. In summer you should use products rich in nitrogen and in winter that have microelements such as iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium. All of this will prevent the fruit from falling off before ripening.

- Irrigation of the dwarf orange tree it has to be abundant between spring and fall and moderate in winter. It is also very important that you avoid watering with water and that you spray with certain frequency.

- Regarding the lighting that they should receive, it is recommended that they be all year round in a clear and sunny place, since they can even withstand direct sunlight.

- For the pruning the dwarf orange treeFirst of all, you should know that citrus fruits do not need regular pruning, but if you have them in a pot, you should do it once in a while to keep the shape well. Ideally, when spring begins, cut the new shoots so that they grow more leafy.

- Regarding temperatureIn winter it is recommended that it be indoors and with a temperature between 15ºC and 18ºC. In summer it is possible that it is outside, and if the weather is good in spring as well.

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