Strawberry cultivation

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If we have a corner in our garden or orchard, we can take advantage of it to grow strawberriesThis is a very simple and gratifying occupation. As a general rule, we will already have strawberries in early summer, unless we have chosen a climbing variety, in which case they ripen even in autumn. The fruits they tear off with the tail, because if it comes off they will lose vitamins. Only the tail is removed at the time of eating.

Previous considerations for growing strawberries

Strawberries are forest plants, which must be taken into account when choosing a place for them. They prefer soils with a lot of humus, although they can also grow perfectly in quite acidic soils.

Regarding their location in relation to the light, the ideal is to have them in places where they receive sunlight, but they also have a slight shadow; as if they live in a clear forest, which is their habitat. However, they also tolerate shade and sun; in full sun they will bear more fruit than in a shady place.

The best time to plant strawberries is in spring, since in this way we can hopefully bear fruits in summer, but they can be planted at any time, except during the frost season. They are placed leaving a distance of two spans between each plant and 75 centimeters between rows. They need a soil rich in compost or compost.

Growing strawberries

When the fruit is already growing, it is recommended make a straw mulch, to avoid weeds and keep strawberries healthy. Keep in mind that the fruits will powerfully call the birds; If we see that they are being eaten, we will protect the strawberries with mesh.

One simple way is to place four pole-shaped sticks, two in front and two behind (perhaps someone else in between) of the strawberry plantation, and put the mesh on top; that is to say, as if we were setting up a Canadian store.

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