Tips to go green in our bar

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If you, any of your friends or family have a bar or restaurant, you will be interested to know how the most sustainable behavior could be carried out in these places. These tips will be of great use to you whether you are an owner, if you work in the hospitality industry or, simply, you usually go to bars and restaurants. It is very simple what you can do so that your commitment to the environment is the most responsible even to the time to work or go out to have fun!

Behave more sustainably

If, in addition, you are the owner of one of these businesses, you will be interested to know that the organic sector has grown a lot in volume, especially in countries like Spain. That means that in addition to the innumerable advantages that it will bring, it is very possible that you will gain customers if they realize that you put into practice a real commitment to the planet. In a future post, we will give you a series of recommendations to set up your own ecological business, such as ecological tapas bars. Although your bar or restaurant serves traditional food, in reality, you will have to do very little to implement the "green philosophy" in your bar, which is very necessary, no matter how small it may be.

First, check the list of providers. Maybe it's time to think about these brands you buy from implement a sustainable behavior. Try to collaborate with the companies that look the most to ecology to also contribute to enhancing this value. You will also find a lot of information about associations or organizations that can offer you ecological programs of great interest for your bar.

Use local products whenever you can to save the environment the carbon dioxide derived from long transfers, which, in addition, can be an extra point of attraction for your business. Make up your mind, buy local food, which is produced a few kilometers from your bar. Likewise, if you can buy the drinks produced in your city, much better. Take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables to integrate into the menu. It is also a point to value that they deliver the genre with few plastic and glass containers, because in addition to recycling, it is better if we try to generate less waste.

In line with the above, you can start integrating into your food menu that have been grown with ecological techniques. If it contains meat, find out where it comes from and don't forget to promote traditional foods.

Check the lighting. It may be time to install energy-saving lamps in the dining room, bathrooms, entryways, kitchens, and even look at options for illuminated outdoor signs, if you have them. Do not forget to turn off the light when it is not necessary to have it on; You can take advantage of the natural light by placing the tables strategically, which is also much more pleasant for the customer. If the sun hits them directly, put some blinds or blinds so that customers are as comfortable as possible. Another option is to use solar panels or buy non-polluting candles to make the environments more special at night and save a little on electricity, which, in addition, your bill will be greatly appreciated.

Another way to save energy is through kitchen appliances. If you have to buy new ones, make sure they have an ecological certificate and always turn off the equipment when it is not being used, even when it is in stand-by mode. In the case of areas that are rarely used, such as the hallway that leads to the bathroom, it would be a good idea to install lights with motion detectors to prevent them from always being on; same as in services.

Now that summer is coming, try reduce air conditioning consumption, which is also not good for your health, or for your workers or clients. You can take advantage of the lower temperatures at the end of the day to ventilate and cool your premises and help you with auxiliary elements, such as umbrellas or fans to use the air conditioning system less. Turn it off when the room is cold enough, trying to keep the temperature cool, but not overdoing it.

In winter, try to also control the use of heating with elements such as carpets, thick curtains or solar heat lamps. Make sure that all windows are well insulated and that no cold or air enters through them.

Another idea, just like we do at home, is to try to make the most of the water. It is convenient to check that we do not have any leaks (leaky taps, etc.) and that we are not wasting water. Likewise, it installs an efficient system in the services so that so much water is not consumed every time customers flush the toilet, just like the taps, which may have a sensor to prevent one from remaining open and losing large amounts of water. . Only run the dishwasher when it's full and make sure workers don't leave the tap running for longer than necessary.

A correct education of employees is also very necessary. You can dedicate a few hours a month to teaching interesting ecological workshops during which they will learn a lot, installing posters and banners in workspaces with ecological practices and also in areas such as hallways and bathrooms.

Always recycle. Make sure everyone knows exactly how to recycle correctly and that the containers are well marked and visible to separate the materials. Much more waste is produced in a bar or restaurant than in a home, so it is even more important to never skip this practice.

If you are an employee of a bar

Even if you are not the one making the main decisions, you can actually do a lot working in the hospitality industry. First, you can propose to your boss or superior a series of changes to carry a more ecological behavior, exposing the enormous advantages that this entails. You yourself can pay more attention and avoid carrying out anti-ecological practices, such as leaving the tap running, forgetting to turn off a light or an appliance, wasting materials or raw materials, etc.

If you are a customer of a bar

Just as it is necessary to have a sustainable behavior from home, it is also true when we go out to dinner or a drink. It is very easy to be careful with the water when we go to the bathroom, ask to remove the air conditioning if it is too strong or not to waste paper napkins. In addition, we can ask that the plate not be changed if it is not necessary or use the same glass to drink another wine or another beer, as well as keep the same cutlery. On the other hand, it is worth knowing which bars and restaurants in our area carry out ecological practices or care more about the environment to go and have fun in them more often.

Bar Furniture

If you need new furniture or materials (even appliances) put the third "R" into practice and reuse. You will find great bargains and you will be helping not to build so many, since you will take advantage of what others have already used, and can also save a lot of money. In case you have to buy new tables and chairs and you wonder what materials are more ecological, you can use these:

  • Bamboo. Very elegant and resistant, you can use it on tables and chairs.
  • Hemp. Renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, it also grows very fast!
  • Organic cotton. You can opt for this material in the uniform of the employees, on tablecloths, towels or napkins.
  • Cork. As you know, to obtain cork, the tree itself is not damaged, so it will be great to use in various kitchen utensils.
  • Dishes and crockery can be purchased from recycled glass or wood.
  • If you need any furniture or plastic item, make sure it is recycled.
  • Be original and build some furniture out of pallets to cut costs too.

The design of the Bar

In case you haven't started set up your bar or restaurant Or if you want to renew it, it would be a fantastic idea to find out through an association because there are many ways to help the planet from your bar: for example, acquiring certified wood floors, energy efficient windows, some equipment that uses solar energy, refractive ceilings and a long etcetera.

Aim to allocate a percentage of the money you earn to an ecological association or mission. It doesn't have to be a lot, especially if you have a modest business, but setting yourself a symbolic percentage can do a lot for the environment.

Look at ecological challenges, some of them can be shared by your employees. Write down the cost of water, energy, waste, etc. and get together to see how you can do to reduce them. If you follow this list, you will be changing a series of very important things in your place in terms of sustainability.

Use recycled paper in toilet paper, notebooks for employees, menu cards … the trees of the planet will thank you.

It would not hurt to print a note or ecological phrase on your menu to help educate customers. Many will already take it into account in their lives, others will ignore it, but in a restaurant or bar where many people pass, raising awareness of a single person can be very important.

Hold eco-awareness events to entertain and "educate" your customers. For example, you can make "cocktail night with 100% organic ingredients", or a dinner that uses only "green" materials and foods. You can also organize a painting contest with an ecological and environmental theme to decorate one of the walls of your bar or restaurant with the winner's painting and an infinity of ideas that will not only give vidilla to your business and they will place you above the competition, but you will have the satisfaction of doing your bit with your responsible behavior.

Food and drink

If you use a lot of oil, don't forget to recycle it once used. There are many companies that will know how to use it and above all, do not throw it down the sink! It can be very polluting.

In case you serve salads or vegetables on your menu, you can grow your own products. Your customers would be honored to be able to eat something so natural - and pesticide free! - and they would be happy to pay for it. This practice, if you have organized yourself well, will hardly cost you extra effort or money.

Try to use paper tablecloths and napkins less and less. We know that, in a business like the hospitality industry, they can be very practical, but to make napkins or paper tablecloths you need a lot of bleaches and chemical cleaners. It is better not to choose the ones that are completely white and it may be a good idea to replace your paper tablecloths with some beautiful ones - customers will find them more pleasant, since it gives a more elegant feeling to the table - as well as napkins. If your restaurant is not very big, with a washing machine a day you can wash everything and it will not cost you a large dose of extra work, you will also save on costs because, after the initial purchase, you can use them many times.

Although we all know that, for a bar or restaurant, ice is very necessary, try to be responsible with its use and not waste it. Think that making ice costs us energy and water and it is a shame that all that ends up being thrown away because we have miscalculated.

It's the oldest trick in the world, but it works: put a brick or anything in the cistern in each bathroom so that it takes up space so that it doesn't fill to the bottom when it needs to be recharged. With this simple cunning, you are saving a lot of water at the end a week from your restaurant.

Cleaning the bar

It is important to clean well at the end of the day so that your equipment lasts much longer, but it is not always necessary to use chemical products to eliminate the fat accumulated throughout the day. Lemon, baking soda and vinegar are three inexpensive natural products that can go a long way in cleaning your premises. Gradually eliminate all toxic products.

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