Ideas for recycling tissue boxes

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Empty tissue boxes are an invitation to make up for the environmental damage that has involved the use of its original content, that hundred of handkerchiefs from paper that we could most likely have substituted for the cloth ones.

What are more comfortable? Nobody doubts it, and hopefully they may even have been made with a cellulose from certified wood, so the damage will be less. Even so, the aforementioned cloth handkerchief is always more sustainable, although combining the use of one and the other is a practical option that can also be considered an eco-friendly gesture.

Be that as it may, it is not about crying either, especially since we will need a handkerchief. Better to give the magín to find the best way to turn that cardboard box into something creative, that helps us to have a good time doing crafts, to decorate or, why not, to give them the same use again including paper napkins, with it we will save cardboard and money.

Customize with imagination

Be it rectangular shaped boxes, the typical ones, or square, usually smaller but taller, we can make endless children's crafts that boys and girls will love.

They can do it themselves without our help. The option simpler It consists of making glue by mixing flour and water and applying it with a little brush over the entire surface and also later on the newspaper, comic or magazine clippings that we want to paste. This way they will be able to cover it easily, and the result will be a unique collage.

If the upper opening bothers us, let's take advantage of the rest and line its interior, either with the same collage or with fabric of any type that fits well (in which case we will have to sew it to make it a rectangular shape) or that can be glued. If we choose colors that combine well, it will be very attractive.

Emulating the famous Rubik's cube we can also line the small boxes grid them and then patiently add the cuts that we have previously made imitating our model. As can be seen in the image that opens the post, the result is great and, for example, we can then use it as a pencil.

Small works of art

If we see each other with courage, we can do something more storied, like the cute crocodile in the picture above. If you look closely you will realize that two boxes of tissues have been used and that the eyes are two plugs of milk or juice cartons. Finally, a coat of green paint and a simple decoration with markers does the rest.

And how about giving it a romantic air? Let's change the animal. This time we will not be inspired by a reptile but an ethereal butterfly. The example in the image is made with wood, but it serves as a perfect model to do the same with a cardboard tissue box, which we will previously line, and then let the imagination fly and flutter …

Line and reuse

In the above examples, the boxes can serve as container from small objects that we do not want them to be on the visa or, as we have mentioned, to reintroduce tissues that are sold to granell or, if we find it difficult to find, simply insert normal napkins and use them, without further complications.

Covering with fabric, as if it were a sofa cover, is a very popular option online. It is usually lined with padded fabric and the possibilities There are as many as the imagination dictates and remnants we have at our disposal. We can even make a fun miniature sofa or some covers that allow us to hang the box on the wall to give it a more practical use.

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