Ideas for recycling bottle caps

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As bottle caps we can understand from the typical plates, the metal or plastic type screw caps or the plugs from cork that are used in wine bottles, and all of them have endless possibilities in creative recycling.

If we dare, it is even possible to invent crafts in which various types are used, such as in a wall collage or to line a table or other surface or a curtain, let's say. Again, when it comes to creative recycling, the limit is the stars

Caps of all kinds

For example, what can we do with some plugs from cork? They are easy to recycle whole or cut into slices if we want to carry out a simple project, although the complexity can be as much as we want, imagine and allow our expertise.

Christmas decorations, lining baskets, chairs, pushpin trims, rugs, trivets, doorstops, funny little dolls that we will shape by adding other accessories to make mouths, eyes, limbs or, why not, put a hat on them.

If they are metal, normally used in bottles large beer or some mineral water bottles, we can turn them into mini candles, and everybody They are perfect for making crafts for children, such as drawings that are adorned with them or simple collages that represent flowers, such as the image that opens the post or little worms, etc., as well as cards for games of all kinds: ludo, checkers, a game invented by us …

Learning to read and write is a challenge for the smallest of the house, and they cannot always face it without nerves. We can help you to do this by creating a nice game with badges to form words and short phrases, simply by joining veneers. We can even make tiles by repeating the letters several times to play to make word searches, crossword puzzles or a Scrabble-type game.

Recycle veneers

The veneers from bottles they combine wonderfully with imagination. The more we have, the more fun it will be to find them a green outlet that, at the same time, is decorative or simply practical.

What to do with them? We propose to turn them into a mobile or, why not, a curtain. They can also be used to make an original collage-type mural, although you have to save a good number to make it attractive. In all three cases, choosing one or the other types of soft drink will imply having the same or different colors as raw material, and the results They will be very different, although there is always the option of painting them, simply by dipping them in paint.

More ideas with badges

The game of veneersWithout going any further, it is a way of reusing them that does not need explanations of any kind, although with so many video games, television and computers, traditional games like this one have been forgotten. Therefore, the idea is noted here as a way to return to those street games or, as in this case, also table games, carpet or, why not, hall games.

Let us remember, in this way, that the plates are a game in which the metal caps of the bottles are the protagonists, although they can be supplied by plugs from plastic. We can decorate them with photos of footballers, cyclists, superheroes, our favorite characters or with our favorite images, for example with our own drawings. It will be interesting to form a team or make the decoration have some connection so that they can be easily recognized.

So doing it is an added way to recycle. journals or newspapers and, finally, we will only say that we will draw a circuit on the ground and whoever runs it first will win, pushing the plates with a finger. And, as can be seen in the image immediately above, playing football with them is also another option, both to do it on the street and at home, as a tabletop game.

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