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Natural slate stone in architecture

If we take a look at the materials that are used in modern work we will realize that they are sustainable and respectful with the environment, they have little. Additives, unnameable ingredients and strange treatments make up the composition of most of the elements that we use in construction every day, few materials currently have the capacity to be named as "noble" and this is where the forgotten comes in. slate stone.

Yes that slate rock that you no longer remembered in your vocabulary and that is part of the construction tradition of a varied number of countries long before our grandparents were born and that, at present, has been denied to the background for the theoretical benefit of more "modern" materials. . Claiming the traditional construction and the use of noble materials such as natural slate is not an act of remembrance, it is a professional obligation!

Natural slate as a sustainable material

Although it seems obvious to say that slate stones They are a sustainable material We have to specify a piece of information, according to the certification of the environmental declaration of the product (It collects all the data of a product during its life cycle; CO2 emissions, the amount of water necessary for its production, the depletion of natural resources in the territory … Etc - According to ISO 14.025 and ISO 21.930) finds that slate is the most sustainable product for roofs. So we are no longer talking about a simple material, it is a Top Ten in durability and ecology that is not only used in covers as we will see later.

Comparison of slate versus other materials

In the following diagram - infographic we can identify the characteristics and comparison of thestone, board in its advantages compared to other materials used in more traditional roofs:

How to install natural slate

We must first know that the market offers an important variety of dimensions and shapes, being the forms - most common models that we can find:

Although it is evident that with current technology, new techniques and ways of placing the slate pieces, what interests us is to see how the traditional natural slate roof. Two methods of fixing the blackboards: with nails and hooks. In the following video we can see it more clearly.

It must be taken into account that slate does not expand like tile as it is a natural stone, so it withstands sudden changes in temperature very well and is much cleaner. In the construction of roofs with natural slate, special attention must be paid to the pieces, adequate thickness, and proper handling both on site and from the factory. The placement must be correct and it is evident that the professionals are there for that, especially in the meetings that are delicate.

Modern slate architecture

We know that examples of architecture with slate There are a few so we are going to delve into some that, due to their peculiarity, form the new design trends in the world of construction.

The perfect lines between stone, board and housing!… From the hand of the architecture studioAlma-Nac. A project of a single family Home that stands out in a small mound in England called Split House, executed with typical materials from the area and designed under bioclimatic standards. Simply a genius in the exterior design, use and combination of materials … etc.

Geometric features and clean lines that give a serenity to the building surrounded by green meadows.

From Asturias (Cerredo) and from the hand of the architecture officeZon-e Architects They present us with a geometric building that claims the slate in a modern façade with its maximum expression of avant-garde design to surprise the observer.

Acute geometries with bay windows lush areas provide the building with an unparalleled uniqueness that protrudes from the building envelope.

Is it possible to use slate on curved roofs?… If someone said that curves are impossible to execute, here we are going to see a architecture example with blackboard material overwhelming. The project is called Casa 360 located in Galapagar (Spain) of the architecture studioSubarchitecture. A wisely executed home madness where impossible curves are interspersed with the noblest material.

As we can see, the use of this material in curved facades and roofs is possible and we can also use it in really complicated projects.

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