The most original lamp. It just impresses!

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Original lamps breaking with the design

Sometimes we can attest that there are industrial designers dedicated to the illumination with an imagination that overflows traditional concepts and that, openly breaks with the lamp design in a way that is as forceful as it is almost not credible.

In this case we embark on the world of original lamps, that although there is a great variety in the market, the Flyte lamp It surprises both for its design and for the concept that surrounds it. The following image confirms it convincingly….

More than one reader could interpret the image as a photographic retouch or optical illusion, but the reality is that it is real and is designed by Simon Morris, an intrepid man who has always wanted to "make objects fly" with magnets, from Nike shoes that has already revolutionized more than one showcase of the famous brand until reaching the Flyte lamp, with the concept of "The light that levitates".

If in the design article with led lamps (Projects that revolutionize light) we were already talking about a very promising future in the artificial lighting, a lightbulb hovering by magnetic levitation and feeding through the air is yet another advance. Simply the bulb does not need a battery, the light is powered through the air by means of induction.

Wireless power transmission has been around since the time of Nikola Tesla. With the present design of the table lamp we have wanted to unite the theories of Tesla and with magnetic levitation, which undoubtedly opens up a world of possibilities.

The wireless power module transmits around 5V and is completely safe and harmless. Edison and Tesla can finally be friends!… Power is transferred wirelessly from the base to the bulb of this lighting so original.

With the following video I think we can start dreaming of having one at home. If someone is more curious from the Flyte page they can see more technical specifications and even buy it.

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