How climate change will affect cities

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Effects of climate change on cities and the sea

The reality is that the future of cities facing climate change It is a headache for more than one urban planner who, being aware of the possible consequences, poses challenges that go beyond the art of projecting. architecture or cities.

More skeptical or less, a proposal of a rise of a couple of degrees in the global temperature it conditions a totally new urban landscape that must be analyzed and taken into account.

For those who the theme of weather They see it very far away, two articles that we believe are of interest and confirm a reality that many ignore; from this portal with five graphs that show that climate change is here and this past Monday, the British meteorological agency Met Office announced that this year, the global average temperature on the Earth's surface will be one degree Celsius higher than pre-industrial levels .

What effects climate change causes in a city

In summary, we believe that the following table clearly expresses some possible weather effects both in homes and in the architecture of cities.

Foresee what will happen to a 2 degree rise in temperature In our city it is obviously difficult to clarify, although from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) after the publication of a new study called «Mapping Choices. Carbon, climate and rising seas our global legacy « shed some light on a more than important issue, the relationship between the rise in global temperature of the earth and the rise in sea level according to territories, cities or a country.

How much the sea level will rise

The report published by PNAS, in addition to its tool, analyzes the sea level rise projections - on the ground - based on greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere.

A scenario that examines what would happen if climate change is stopped by not exceeding two degrees. In addition, another hypothesis is considered if four degrees are exceeded.

In the next interactive map we can search and geolocate a city to see them sea level changes according to temperature increase in two degrees or four degrees. We can access the map from HERE to see what is shown in the following image:

How much population would be affected by a rise in sea level

Roughly. It is established that there are 20 countries with direct and important affection according to the maps established before the rise in sea level by 4 ° C in global warming compared to 2 ° C, in relation to the percentage (%) of the population.

How can you check on the graph, around 3% of the Spanish population would be affected by a rise in sea level due to the effects of two degrees more on global temperature.

How a city would be affected by two degrees more in global temperature

Science fiction or not so much, the following interactive images of urban landscapes made by Climate Central show a example of a scenario "catastrophic" in cities like; London, Shanghai, Sydney or New York, how high the sea level can go if global measures are not taken to reduce the emissions that cause climate change. (We can move the central cursor of the images to see a better perspective)

City of London

New York City

Shanghai city

Sydney city

“It is not that rising sea levels will flood your home in your lifetime. It is about our legacy and the threat to world heritage and world cities that will unfold over time, probably many centuries. But it will be defined by the decisions we make now " emphasized scientist Ben Strauss, author of the previous images.

In return, let us recall the article on the development of resilience in cities from a perspective aimed at reducing natural disasters in cities and their urban planning. A concept that requires attention where resilient cities are a weapon to survive against climate change.

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