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LEADER application in energy demand

The LIDER application is the computer implementation of the general option of verification of the requirement of Limitation of energy demand

Energy demand (HE1), established in the Basic Document of Habitability and Energy of the Technical Building Code, offered by the Ministry of Housing and IDAE, and carried out by the Thermotechnics Group of the Association for Research and Industrial Cooperation of Andalucía, AICIA, with the collaboration of the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences, IETCC.

LIDER allows you to define properties of any size, as long as the number of spaces does not exceed 100 and that its elements (enclosures, including interiors and windows) are not more than 500. If these limits are exceeded, it is possible to divide the building into as many parts as necessary only to verify the requirements of the CTE-HE1 and it will be considered that, if all the parts comply, the whole also complies.

If one of them does not do so, the average demand of the building and that of its reference building must be calculated with the PROMEDIAR.EXE calculation program, included in the LIDER directory.

This version of the LIDER / CALENER Unified Tool (HULC) facilitates the verification of the CTE DB-HE 2022 and issues a report for the Energy Certification of buildings.

For the verification of DB-HE 2022, a document can be drawn up in any other format as long as it includes the verification of all the necessary data and is signed by the responsible technician. Nor must the Unified Tool necessarily be used to perform the necessary calculations to verify the verification, other computer tools that follow the calculation procedure included in DB-HE 2022 and in the recognized document Technical conditions of the procedures for the evaluation of the energy efficiency of buildings

However, in the scope of energy certification, the procedures for the energy efficiency qualification of a building must be recognized documents and be registered in the General Registry.

The sections of DB-HE 2022 that the tool can be checked are:

  • 3.1 and 3.2 of section HE0;
  •,, 3.1.2 and of section HE1;
  • 3.1 of section HE4;
  • 3.1 of section HE5.

The rest of the DB-HE requirements must be verified by other procedures.

More information from the Technical Code in the LIDER Program (There is the new tool called HULC)

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