7 augmented reality applications for architecture and decoration

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Augmented reality apps inarchitecture

New technologies and apps in augmented reality for architecture and virtual realityare changing the way many professionals in the sector work; architects, engineers, students or even the real estate sector, did their daily jobs.

New solutions and applications in VR (Virtual Reality) or AR (Augmented Reality) appear day after day to save us a lot of time and develop projects in a more comfortable, easier and faster way.

In this article we have investigated which applications, technical solutions and Augmented reality apps You need to know an architect with the desire to be able to contribute a utility.

We must remember that virtual reality is to immerse ourselves in a completely digitized environment - virtual and the augmented reality concept, consists of complementing a space or environment with different digitized objects.

Augmented reality for architecture

We have to think, we are facing an important trend within the field of architecture that is necessary to know if we want to advance in technological trends.

Being able to use a AR system means that the architects, engineers or interior designers they can show their ideas in augmented reality in a whole new way, in which it used to be more reminiscent of science fiction.

It allows our clients to get a better understanding of what they want and to be able to make changes in real time, even structural (for example adding or removing a wall) and see what happens without having to rely on their imagination.

Of course the professional modeling for construction sites and construction adapted to specific projects, it is not free, but undoubtedly as technology expands, the architect will have his own library of construction details in CAD and 3D.

1.- Measure and create 3D rooms

Surely if you are a real estate appraiser (They measure many homes in appraisals) or an architect who spends all day with the meter in hand, you will like this application very much.

It's called Tap Measure, which will solve the hassle of measuring rooms and then having to pass a CAT program to solve them in 3D. Unfortunately, at the moment it is only for iPhone (iOS) but a replica is already planned to be used with Android mobiles. Take note!

We remember that we already talked about apps to measure from HERE and an interesting article about electronic measuring meters for the work.

Another similar to the previous app but this time for Android and for Iphone is the Magicplan. An alternative that surely is of interest to professionals in the sector.

2.- 3d furniture for home

The Room Planer app that you can access from HERE on its website (Both IOS and Android). allows decorators, for example, to drop and drag 3D furniture models and all kinds of consumer appliances used in the home in just a few steps.

It has hundreds of models of furniture for the home and office, with new products being added every day.

Is application for architecture «sort out" allows users to physically walk around a 3D virtual product that we have previously placed in the home room or our office space.

Another novelty is Istaging (Works with Android and App Store). One of the most refined and detailed applications that can possibly be distinguished from the others.

  • We can see the furniture to scale and in real time.
  • They detect the walls and ceilings for a better placement of any object (Example lamps) or a decorative piece of furniture.
  • It has a library of more than 10,000 pieces of furniture.
  • It is also capable of working in immersive virtual reality.

3.- Ikea augmented reality app

Of course we couldn't put aside the Ikea 3D app in augmented reality for furniture in its mobile version based on Apple's ARKit rendering engine.

Either because you want to buy some furniture from the famous company or because you simply want to see how they look in your home. This is an option to consider! …

Only for iOS 11 devices and is currently available for free from the Apple App Store in the United States.

4.- The decorator on the mobile

One of the augmented reality applications for decoration More interesting what we can find, the app is called Home Styler access HERE (Iphone and Android), with a community of users who contribute a multitude of ideas in decoration.

The basis of the application consists of uploading a photo of the environment that we want to decorate and, or we, for example, paint the walls, add furniture to our modern kitchen, lamps, tables … etc. Or we let the community participate in the decoration of the room.

There are very interesting projects and where you can also add comments on decoration ideas based on the image provided by the user.

5.- Houzz to decorate the home

It is one of the most internationally recognized applications that I think everyone knows about its web platform by now.

Among its different options is the systemSketch will allow you to make sketches from your own photos. Add notes, drawings or insert products!

  • You can access the application from HERE (Android)
  • You can access the application from HERE (Ios)

6.- BIM in augmented reality with LiDAR

One of the applications that possibly astonishes the most in technical quality for the new Apple iPhones and iPads is the app called Polycam, which ultimately works to create a 3D scanner with a point cloud on a surface. Crazy! If we see the progress it is having in the field of rendering and, from the mobile.

First we have to keep in mind that you have to work with Apple technology for using the LIDAR (light detection and ranging in English), a powerful sensor in the cameras of these phones that has a special emphasis on improving photography and, most interestingly, on augmented reality experiences.

With the 3D modeling that we obtain, we can work on creating an augmented reality in BIM or with other programs. Whether for interiors, buildings or all kinds of 3D installations, it is a augmented reality mobile app using the mobile device's camera to overlay a model BIM interactive on its different planes.

The Polycam - LiDAR 3D Scanner is not yet designed for professionals since we cannot compare it to a 3D laser scanner, in accuracy, but it has to be tried!

7.- Virtual reality app

Another one that we cannot stop talking about is the so-called Furzo Mobile. Although they focus a lot on virtual reality, from a tablet or the mobile itself we can work calmly on a project.

Exclusively for professionals in the architecture and engineering sector and directly for payment. It has 3D libraries for its subscribers and users.

Although you may have to refine a bit more in technique. The Augmented reality apps for the world of architecture and works it begins to leave us good impressions, especially with those conjectures between the designer - decorator and the user.

Now, instead of imagining aesthetics, we can show real spaces and contexts in a totally simple way where we can also practice changes in real time.

Since we have the technology, now we just have to learn to decorate from our favorite items …

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