Googlemaps with street view: The before and after

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Street view: old Google maps

Although by now we all know the google maps and more, specifically, thegoogle street view. We must recognize that it can be a very useful information tool in the field of architecture and urban planning in the face of the transformation of cities.

A transformation that can be grasped to see historic street view images and collect for the evolutionary understanding of the urban environment, either through maps or through images that represent a "before and after."

In this sense, in the environment of Googlemaps and Google Earth with its presentations, applications and platforms are proliferating whose intention is to open our eyes, observe and allow the exchange of knowledge of good urban design through practice and how it affects our lives in cities.

How to view old photos with Google street view

It is possible that with the following image of gmaps Let's understand the concept that this platform, made by Brazilian architects, wants to show:

The street view for a long time it has provided us with documented public space, that is, the before and after a geolocation concrete an ancient view of a place!

For this reason, this is how the Urb-i collaborative proposal was born. A growing database of learning before the urban spaces. It shows an urbanism that dramatically improves and changes the approach and existing symbiosis between cars and pedestrians, where we can see that the protagonist of the city is no longer the vehicle, it is the pedestrian.

In the project we find more than 300 Collaborations located on all continents and growing. You can access the platform from Urb-i.

How to use Street View in google maps to see images of the past

1.- To see the images on the web. You can open google map by placing the orange "man" icon on the map or by simply clicking on the thumbnail image. For look at the old images (Before and after) see images at street level of the past you have to:

2.- Drag the orange "little man" from the lower right corner and drop it on the map. If images from the past are available, you will see the clock icon in the upper left corner of the map.

3.- Click on the clock icon and use the slider that appears to go further back in time. Click on the clock icon to expand the historical images you want to see in full screen for that time period.

Quickly, I also leave the following video with the explanation of how to travel in time with Google Maps:

The possibilities offered by google maps They are increasing considerably as technology advances in search of new data and more if we enter in combination with the application. We want to review some features that seem of interest to us or applications that complement them.

App Street view

In Gmaps, not only consists of dragging the little yellow man and letting ourselves be seduced by a landscape or city. Here the objective is to explore the corners of the world with the contribution of the users' own images.

Wonders of architecture, hiking trails, hotel interiors or from the top of a mountain the application offers the possibility of climbing 360º panoramic images to google maps so that we can all enjoy the sensations and experiences of other users.

The streer view app We can find it both for Android phones and for the iOS app. Access to the official portal from HERE.

How to create a video with Street View images

Well, here we should point out, it is a montage of a image-based video in sequence, that is, a timelapse. A route is programmed in googlemap and the free web application builds a timelapse. Surprising!…

We can access the application to make a hyperlapse with street view from the website to enjoy making videos!


Enter fully, directly to the image of the street where we want to locate ourselves according to the location that we indicate. Instant street view it is simple but effective and without loss of time from HERE.

In short, google street-view is a powerful tool from which we can learn a lot. Traveling and understanding the architecture of the world with a simple "click" is no small thing.

Other tools of interest to Google can be to create 360º panoramic virtual tours or the translation of texts with the Google translator combined with other applications to improve the texts.

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