Landscape photos and the perfect image

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Natural landscapes and the perfect photo. How to photograph landscapes?

Nature surrounds us everywhere, for the moment, capture its essence or obtain some landscape photos Unforgettable can be a memory for a lifetime.

And so the story began … How to photograph a landscape or nature. That force that hides the image of a naked environment that dazzles many of us, where the beauty of the photo is not what we see with the naked eye, it is to see the details that we have yet to discover … “Photography is, first of all, a way of looking. It is not the look itself " by Susan Sontag.

We have wondered how we would like to learn fromphotography on natural landscapes or urban and, in this sense, the most viable option within this article is to show you a series of photography infographics. From the components of a camera, the tricks to photograph landscapes or nature and how to understand the natural or urban space in front of a photo.

Landscape photography

In the world of natural landscape photography there is much to learn and manuals to read and reread. We provide 10 images that are representative to start configuring and learning the photographic portrait against a beautiful landscape. (Some infographics are in English and others in Spanish, but we believe that the essence of each of them is understood. Clicking on the images opens a new window) … Today we learn how to photograph natural landscapes!

Evolution of photography

Infographic to understand a reflex camera. Also remember that it is important to increase the quality of the photographs and, thanks to technology, we have many techniques that will help us and that we have seen in the article on how to increase and upload the image quality in a photo that we can have on the computer.

Key compositional resources in photography

How to photograph a landscape. Techniques

Manual of the photographer before natural landscapes

Photographing in summer

Photography and focal length


How to view the photo in a landscape

Compositions to see landscapes

Natural landscapes that captivate

The natural landscape picture We are surprised every day, whether for better or for worse, to capture that forceful moment that embodies the force that lives latent under our feet. Hours and hours of waiting and technique to capture what nobody sees is the reflection of landscape photographer.

Multiple are the great ones photography festivals that travel the world and are very good, but one that dazzles with the number of photographs that each year receive, 80,000 photos, and that we can spend hours and hours observing is the Sony World Photography Awards that compete from amateurs to professional photography at the level world. They show us every year that photos natural landscapes it can literally become emotional art.

A beautiful landscape
The surreal landscape photo

Others portraitists go further from the traditional landscape photography providing elements that would not be possible without a digital retouch. A strange composition that breaks the limits of reality before the landscape picture daily. A combination of drawings of a natural landscape with a parallel and unforgettable reality.

The image of the urban environment

Photos based on architecture and the urban landscape are having a boom that, in many cases, teach us and reveal what we normally do not see in our daily life of precocious walking through the streets of cities and their spaces. The urban photography It may surprise us and Bernhard Lang is an expert on the subject.

The photographs on the net. Nature, landscape, ecology and something else

When we think of see photos on the internet, we usually opt for a social network, there are some more professional or less, but the reality is that Pinterest and, in particular, Instagram have revolutionized the way of understanding the Photography in a very few years. Although most of us probably think that only photos of pets, celebrities and other uninteresting are uploaded. The platforms has become a haven for more than brilliant photographers, the landscape photographer anonymous that can a different vision of cities, forests or nature itself. With groundbreaking portfolios, including those that focus on the natural world and they show us the most beautiful spaces on earth. Five of the best portfolios of photographers charged with enhancing Instagram, according to Forbes, are:

  • @zakshelhamer (Zak Shelhamer)
  • @othellonine (Scott Rankin)
  • @bythebrush (Laura E. Pritchett)
  • @janske (Janske Kaethoven)
  • @iphonegrapher_hiro (Hironori Mizuno)

Undoubtedly this is just one list, among many others, but when entering their portfolios we can already denote that the quality is beginning to be observed. In the aspect of how to find photos on the web for our projects, with the label creative commons We already talked in the article where to look for an image on the internet where we showed different portals and image banks for free.

The moving landscape

Cinemagraph is an idea that was born from the hand of the photographer Jamie Beck and her boyfriend, the designer Kevin Burg, who describe their proposal for a cinemagraph “something that is more than a photo and less than a movie“Portraying the image of an urban landscape that transcends borders and is unforgettable. (We can also go into the moving images article to experience a different way of understanding photography)

Resources for our landscape photos

Although today many of us already have different photographic tools and resources on our computer to improve the photos, the Internet also provides us with other alternatives and online applications that can help us:

  • From Myalbum we will be able to create impressive presentations, literally speaking, one of the most innovative and high-quality tools. All free.
  • A tool to aid in the planning of all types of photography outdoors, but especially the scenes of natural and urban landscapes. It's a map-centered sun and moon calculator: photoephemeris
  • Polarr is an online photo editor, with web-based software that can edit photos in RAW format. With Polarr you can alter the color temperature, exposure, contrast, lights and shadows, clarity, HSL channels, curves, watermarks … It is only necessary to drag the photos to the work panel and start applying the desired filters and effects, with a 30 megabyte limit per image.
  • PicMonkey is designed to help your photos look great without the hassle of layering. It is very easy to use and has all the standard features that you are looking for in a photo editor, like overlays and retouching. PicMonkey also has other unique effects, such as converting photos to illustrations.
  • We like the Rubixephoto blog for the fact that it explains photography in a simple and easy to understand way.

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