15 CURIOSITIES of NATURE that will surprise you

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If you like curiosities and unique things, surely you have already noticed everything that the nature of our planet has to offer us. We can find from incredible landscapes and unexpected phenomena in certain places, to animals and plants so rare for us that they make us discover a new world within our own planet Earth. Although every time we discover more and more beings and places like this, we must remember that they must be respected and cared for, for the good of the planet and future generations.

If you are curious, stay in this Green Ecologist article in which we reveal you 15 curiosities of nature that will surprise you.

Which is the animal that sleeps the most and which is the least?

To start, let's focus on a curiosity about animals. One of the questions that many people ask themselves is which animal sleeps the most hours a day, as there are great doubts among sloths, koalas and others. Well, the truth is that they have the record koalas that get to sleep up to 22 hours in a day, Almost the whole day! Here below we leave you a video so you can learn more about this famous Australian animal.

Another related question is which animal sleeps the most hours and, this time, the record is held the giraffe, who sleeps only about 4 hours a day, in intervals of a few minutes. Furthermore, giraffes are primarily animals that sleep standing up.

The most resistant animal

If we think of resistant animals, a wide variety of species can come to mind, from elephants to horses. However, if we take into account that water is essential to resist, that is, the less dependence an animal has on it, the more resistant it will be, we find that without a doubt the most resistant animal is the camel.

This resistance is due to its humps, which accumulate a large amount of fat that allows it to receive the energy it needs during the time that it is without eating or drinking, in addition to its body having a facility to retain fluids. It is estimated that it can be up to 2 weeks without water. Find out more about this in this article on the Difference between camel and dromedary.

The fastest animal and its speed

When the topic comes up in a conversation, everyone usually answers that he is the cheetah, but this is not exact because it is on the ground or on the ground, but you have to take into account those who live in the water and those who dominate the air. The truth is the fastest animal in the world is the peregrine falcon that can reach a speed of 360 km / h, while the cheetah can reach 115 km / h.

Discover more curiosities about The fastest animals in the world and their speed in this other article.

The electric discharge of eels

Mainly because of their appearance, eels are animals that humans prefer not to meet while swimming in the sea or ocean. But, leaving aside their appearance, either because we do not like their teeth or their elongated shape, they can become dangerous animals for us. Why? Well, why? electric discharge from electric eels, which exceeds 600 volts. In addition, being in water, which is a great conductor of electricity, it would not be necessary for it to touch our skin directly to be electrocuted with this voltage.

However, we must not think that as soon as they see us they are going to attack us, we are not their source of food, they will only do so if they feel threatened.

The animal with the most teeth

Another curiosity of this planet is the number of teeth that certain animals can have. Therefore, many wonder: what is the animal with the most teeth in the world?

The truth is that it is not the tooth fairy, as the riddle says, but the animal with the most teeth it's the catfish. Specifically, it has9,280 teeth! That's right, this fish that lives in Asia and America is the one with the most complete teeth, far surpassing even sharks.


This is undoubtedly one of the most curious things in nature, and that is that there are plants that glow in the dark and there are even animals and fungi that do.

We can look at the species Omphalotus olearius, which is a luminescent mushroom, or in the algae that form on the coasts of places like the Maldives, lighting up the entire shore, or remembering fireflies and other glowing worms. They all owe it to the phenomenon of bioluminescence, which allows us to see unique landscapes at night.

The fastest growing tree

Another of the curiosities of nature is how fast it can make some living beings grow. For example, the tree that grows the fastest is one that we all know but few know this detail about it: eucalyptus. It is currently found in various parts of the world, but where it is most found is in Australia and is the main source of food for koalas.

Eucalyptus can grow 10 meters in 1 year and they can measure more than 60 meters throughout his life.

The tallest and oldest trees in the world

Another curious detail about trees is the fact that they are much older than the vast majority of animals, in addition to the incredible size they can be. Redwoods are the tallest and oldest trees from the earth. They are known to live for thousands of years, the oldest currently believed to be 3,200 years old. Regarding its height, it is usually spectacular and, in fact, the tallest living tree in the world is a redwood that is 115.55 meters high.

However, eucalyptus trees are also trees that can be very tall because they are fast growing and, in addition, the oldest known tree is a pine that is more than 9,500 years old in Sweden, called Old Tjikko.

The Amazon is a unique place

The entire Amazon ecosystem is impressively rich, but just by looking at the Amazon River we can discover how unique this place on our planet is. Specifically, it is curious to think that only in the Amazon river lives 1/3 of all species on Earth, which means that it is the most biodiverse place in the world, at least that we know about at the moment.

In addition, it combines various types of areas, from fresh waters to mixed waters at the mouth, where there are truly amazing species. Every year new species are discovered in this ecosystem.

Some of the oldest mountains are in Scotland

The mountains are in constant formation and, in turn, erosion. For example, in the middle of the ocean we can find volcanoes that little by little are having eruptions and creating new islands and mountains, although these can be created in more ways.

Thus, a fact to add to this list of curiosities of nature that will surprise you is the age of some mountains that still exist today. It is the case of the famous Scottish Highlands, which are an amazing and unique landscape, with huge mountain formations and which are currently considered to already have more than 400 million years.

Multicolored lagoon

Another natural curiosity is found in the Yellowstone national park, USA We are talking about a lagoon that has earned the name of multicolored lagoon, as it has different colors such as intense blue, green, orange, yellow and even reddish tones. In addition, it measures 50 meters deep and 80 by 90 in diameter.

The strange phenomenon of its color is due to the amount of minerals and pigmented bacteria that its waters contain.

the biggest flower in the world

It is one of the rarest plants, not only because it has the largest flower, but also because of its appearance and even its smell. The Rafflesia is a flower that can measure one meter in diameter and it smells like rotten meat, in addition to having a deep red color and a fleshy and rough texture. It can be found in Southeast Asia and in the Amazon area of Brazil.

The underwater falls of the island of Mauritius

If we go to Mauritius island, in Madagascar, we will find one of the wonderful curiosities of nature: the underwater falls. As we can see in the image below, it gives vertigo just to see them and imagine swimming or browsing this area, right?

The most curious thing is that it is an optical effect. This underwater waterfall is an optical illusion This occurs because there is an infiltration of sand and silt deposits, a type of sediment, which causes this effect of a variety of colors and movement. This effect increases when we see the area from afar, the more distance the more marked it is, therefore the images from the air are the most spectacular.

The desert that floods in Brazil

A view of the most curious that nature offers us in Brazil is, without a doubt, the desert that floods. As you read, although it seems contradictory, this desert that is in Maranhao is a giant desert of white dunes, with quite clear sand, and is known as Lençois Maranhenses.

What makes this place unique in the world and a great curiosity is that between the months of June and September there are abundant rains that cause water to accumulate, forming thousands of ponds of a bluish green color In the middle of all this white sand

Sarawak Hall, the largest underground cavity in the world

The last of the curiosities of nature that we bring you in this list of the top 15 is the largest grotto in the world. It was discovered in 1981 in Sarawak, Malaysia, specifically in the Gunung National Park.

They called her the Sarawak Room and, so far, it is the largest underground cavity, measuring 70 meters high, 700 meters long and 400 meters wide. To give us a clearer idea of its size, it is usually bought with Jumbo aircraft, some of the largest, of which up to 10 Jumbo or Boeing 747 aircraft can fit inside.

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