In which container is the glass thrown away - RECYCLING doubts

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Recycling is a very simple task, which involves minimal effort and which brings great benefits to caring for the environment, since the use of waste through recycling implies a reduction in the consumption of resources and, with it, the exploitation of the environment. natural. This task is increasingly known and applied, both in homes and in public spaces. Surely you have already seen containers of different colors in the street, shopping centers and other spaces of common use.

However, the problem comes when deciding which container is the most appropriate for the waste that we hold in our hand. Some are very obvious and we hardly doubt, as in the case of plastic containers or paper, but what happens when we do not know the composition of the waste ?, as for example in the case of glass. In fact, one of the most common mistakes when recycling is mistaking glass for glass or even porcelain. At Ecologista Verde we want to solve these types of questions and, therefore, in this article we explain in which container the glass is thrown.

What is glass - differentiate it from glass

The crystals They are characterized by having a crystalline structure, that is, an ordered structure of atoms, molecules and ions. It can be found naturally in nature, such as, for example, in rocks, minerals, metals or precious stones and, at the same time, due to the interest and usefulness that it has aroused in humans, it is artificially composed for its application. in the industry and the production of products of commercial interest.

Thus, the mixture that humans use to produce glass focuses on silica, potassium hydroxide and lead oxide, obtaining a material with properties of hardness, brittleness and transparency suitable for making products such as plates, glasses, glasses, light bulbs or decoration elements.

Why not throw away and recycle glass with glass

Due to the resemblance between glass and crystal and the similarity of their properties and characteristics, it is very common for both materials to be confused. What differentiates them lies in His composition, so it is often difficult to appreciate.

Thus, while glass is composed of silica, sodium carbonate and limestone, the crystal has another added element, lead oxide. The lead oxide It melts at a different temperature than the rest of the materials, which makes it impossible to recycle it together with the glass. Furthermore, its disposal in the same container would cause very poor results in the recycling process, which is a shame, since glass is one of the few materials that can be fully recycled.

Here we give you information about Why it is important to recycle glass.

In which container is the glass thrown - the answer

Once we have understood that glass and crystal are not the same material, it is logical to conclude that they should not be placed in the same container. So, in which container the glass jars are thrown, mugs, glasses, glasses, mirrors, etc.?

While the glass is placed in the green igloo-shaped container, the glass must be placed in the container intended for everyone the waste, which is normally a gray or dark green container or, it can be taken to clean dot or green dot.

This container is where they are deposited waste that cannot be recycled, such as powder, diapers, compresses and crystals. Once they are deposited in this container, the waste is transported to authorized landfills where it is stored and compacted to reduce the volume it occupies as much as possible.

This method of waste management does not provide a second life to the material, so it is one of the methods considered most disrespectful with the environment and to which many other inconveniences are added such as the bad odors that they produce, leachate filtration. and consequent contamination of groundwater, the visual impact they cause, noise, the occupation of large areas and the deterioration of the natural spaces in which the landfill is built and even those close to it. So, if we want to collaborate with responsible and environmentally friendly consumption, it is convenient to take these data into account when buying products, giving preference to those that can be recycled.

In which container are the lids of the glass jars thrown?

The jar lids or glass jars they can be thrown away in the recycling bins. Specifically, whether they are totally plastic or metal or have a combination of both materials, the lids of the plastic cans must be thrown away. the yellow container which is intended for the recycling of plastic containers.

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