How much water do you consume in the shower?

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Showers and bathrooms represent 12% of the total water consumed in a home. It is a basic need that, however, is being abused more and more, especially since the advent of hydromassage showers. Only in Spain each person uses an average of 171 liters daily (total use), which places us in one of the five countries of the European Union least respectful of this asset. The bathroom is the room where you spend the most. The time has come to start paying a little attention to only use the amount of water we need.

4 simple ideas to save water in the shower

  1. Fewer bathrooms and more showers. It is the first thing that ecological guides mention and it has its reason for being. Filling a bathtub with water involves a cost of between 150 and 250 liters (a short shower would not reach 100). Bathrooms are not necessary to be clean and you should avoid making them a frequent habit.
  2. Shorter showers. Five more minutes of showering means many more liters going down the drain. A short shower is more than enough. Unfortunately, there are still many bad habits in this regard, such as opening the tap waiting for the water to heat up and letting it run longer than normal, making the minutes go by and the water continues to flow without measures. When lathering up, applying fabric softener, creams, scrubs, etc., remember to turn off the water. It is also convenient to prepare everything before getting in the shower to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  3. It is not always necessary to shower to be clean. There are other ways to wash, using the bidet or sink. Some people shower clean to get a hairstyle. Instead, you can use objects such as a reusable water-filled spray to moisten the hair.
  4. Use special saving measures. Being truly committed to the environment implies the acquisition of utensils that were created to help reduce water consumption: efficient shower heads, water sprayers, flow reducers … When buying a new shower head, choose the one with ecological benefits , and get one of the mentioned objects that control water losses. They are found in hardware stores and the like and their price does not usually rise above three euros, causing the water bill to go down. These elements will help reduce water between 18% and 47%. Another option is shower timers. After a set time (for example, five minutes) the water will run out, avoiding taking showers for too long.

Carrying out correct hygiene and enjoying the relaxing power of the bath is not incompatible with putting into practice a series of tips that help us save water.

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