What animals are Timon and Pumbaa

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We all know Timon and Pumbaa, the comical and inseparable couple of animals from the famous movie The Lion King. Such was the success of this strange couple and their motto of Hakuna Matata, that they had their own television series and have become a popular reference in animation. But, what animals are Timon and Pumbaa in real life? Timon is a meerkat Y Pumbaa a phacocero. Do you want to know more about these exotic animals? Do you want to discover what they are like in real life and what are their main characteristics? Keep reading this EcologiaVerde article! In addition, we will explain the curious and intimate relationship that these two animals have in real life.

What animal is Pumbaa from the Lion King

Surely if you ask a lot of people will tell you that Pumbaa it is a wild boar, in fact, you may believe that yourself. The reality is that no, this chubby and funny character he's a warthog, warthog or, as it is scientifically known, a Phachocerus.

Although it is not exactly a wild boar, it is related to this species and they have many traits in common. The phacocero, is unique to africa, from the area south of the Sahara, where he finds the conditions of humidity, aridity and heat that he likes so much. In that sense it is not very different from the wild boar and the rest of the pigs, it loves to wallow in the mud, in this way it cleanses its skin and protects itself from insects and parasites.

Unlike the wild boar that we are used to seeing, the phacocero has a oversized head, a very long snout and imposing tusks that serve both as protection and to dig in the mud and find tubers and roots, their favorite dishes.

As is represented in the film with the character of Pumbaa, warthogs or warthogs have exaggeratedly short legs compared to their large body, however, that is not an impediment for them to run at high speeds, they even reach reach 50 km / h. This is surprising in an animal that can easily weigh 100 kg.

Another feature of Pumbaa is that it is very fearful and scary, a trait that he shares with his counterparts in real life. The warthog is an animal that takes advantage of its size and speed to flee at the slightest hint of danger, always in a pack, protecting its family, just as Pumbaa protects Timon and Simba.

What animal is Timon of the Lion King

There are people who say that Timon is a meerkat, others who say it is a mongoose. They are both right, this little animal is a meerkat or meerkat, which is part of the mongoose family. This small mammal, known in Swahili as a rock cat, lives in African desert areas.

Within the mongoose family, the meerkat is one of the smallest, since an adult specimen may not reach the kilo and measure 50 centimeters, with only 25 being the tail. They are diurnal animals, which only come out during the day, and with complex social relationships among the members of the colony, which can be as many as 40 individuals. These animals are big excavatorsIn fact, they live in a large network of networks under the ground, with many different entrances and exits, of which they only come out during the day.

The meerkat feeds mainly on insects and spiders, something that is reflected in Timón's gastronomic tastes. Another of the characteristics they share is their cheerful and affectionate character. So much so that in some areas of Africa the meerkat has been domesticated as a pet. Since The Lion King was released and the species became popular in the western world, many people have wanted to have it as a companion animal, something that is not recommended since they do not adapt well to urban habitats and tend to generate large destruction in the houses.

Furthermore, in many countries the keeping of meerkats is prohibited by law.

What are Timon and Pumbaa's animals called

It is no coincidence that in the movie The Lion King these two animals were inseparable friends and companions in adventures, the relationship between Timon and Pumbaa, between the meerkat and the phacocero, is carried over to real life. In the areas where these two species coexist in the south of the Sahara, it is not unusual to observe a warthog lying on the ground while a meerkat grooming, combing and deworming it.

This is what is known as symbiotic relationship of mutualism, that is, the two animals benefit from that relationship. The warthog achieves a free washing, that they deworm it and thus prevent discomfort and possible illnesses. For its part, the meerkat manages to get a good feast of insects and parasites without having to search much.

It is not that reality surpasses fiction but it is the demonstration that the creators of the Lion King were very informed about the African fauna and its characteristics.

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