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Techniques and types of buildings in construction in Spain and Europe

This article covers the history of the different types of constructionof Spain from the perspective of detail and example of construction through technical sheets.

We will be able to enter and know their characteristics, classification and variants of thetypes of buildings and construction techniques of them thanks to a building catalog that, in our opinion, has a relevant value to know the characteristics of construction in Spain and its history.

Analyze thetypology of buildingsor the types of homes in Spain It is crucial to begin to understand the works. It is generally based on the following classification of types of constructions:

  • Residential construction
  • Commercial construction
  • Tertiary construction
  • Industrial construction
  • Construction of Public Works

To go in depth, we have the new version of the «Catalog of residential building typology. Scope: Spain » formalized by the IVE (Valencian Building Institute) and which is framed in the activities of the European project EPISCOPE "Energy Performance Indicator Tracking Schemes for the Continuous Optimization of Refurbishment Processes in European Housing Stocks" which also offers the possibility of entering the constructive techniques that are used in Europe and its different countries.

The framework established by the document is based on the typological classification of residential buildings developed during the European project called TABULA, predecessor of EPISCOPE.

Each participating country has published the typological classifications and characteristics of its country through a «Catalog of residential building typology» spanning the matrix of building types of the country and an extensive individualized file of each type where the energy characteristics of different goods are also explained and the measures to be adopted are illustrated in a graphic way.

History of construction in Spain

We must understand that this report is a historical review of both the types of construction materials in buildings, such as their construction techniques, classification of buildings, building typologies… Etc (By the way, see article evolution and history of housing).

You can greatly help us in our daily work of gathering information; be it for Building Evaluation Reports, energy certification reports, rehabilitation or construction projects, in short, for any architectural document that requires a compilation of technical information.

Let us remember that the document covers as long as there is sufficient bibliographic information and technical consultation.

Building types

The graph shows us the different examples of types of buildings, its parameters and characteristics. It is a small analysis of the types of houses and their characteristics on buildings:

In the previous image we can see a history of in the classification of buildings and pattern over time on its typology.

Existing construction solutions

The report has characterized the most common construction solutions in Spain within a period of coherence based on existing bibliography and construction databases on types of buildings:

Construction type and methods

Before the different types of house and building constructions and its techniques, a file has been implemented that determines the types of buildings as well as the construction methods, materials, construction classes or the possible analysis of the improvements:

Types of constructions

  • Types of residential construction. That which is made up of dwellings and whose use is residence.
  • Types of commercial construction. The one that is made up of commercial premises, shops … etc. The types of constructions commercial have a commercial use
  • Types of tertiary construction. They are the types of construction intended for education such as Universities, Colleges … etc. And services such as a Hospital, administrative centers … etc.
  • Types of Industrial construction. In your classification, type of buildings It is one that is made up of industrial buildings, warehouses, workshops … etc. The main use is industrial activity.
  • Types of construction of public works. It encompasses urban planning, streets, housing estates, all kinds of roads … etc. Whose use is public, such as hydraulic, urban and transport infrastructures, as an example.

* In all cases, there may be mixed uses. For example, Residential + Commercial is the same building.

Construction characteristics according to building

Each tab covers a series of characteristics that define the building and that are designated according to:

  • Code
  • Characteristics of the type of property
  • Original state and original state analysis
  • Improvement scenarios and improvement analysis
  • Savings

To clarify the previous points, we are going to see a standard file that we are going to find in the document, which currently contains 24:

Below, you can view the full reference document with the tabs for each building typology It can be consulted from HERE, or we can access the technical sheets individually, according to type and construction dates directly from the IVE portal … HERE (Bottom)

Types of construction in Europe

As we have already remarked at the beginning, this information is part of the European project called TABULA that allows us to access a constructive database of the different countries of Europe. They are divided into a series of specific parameters for each country:

  • Classification of residential buildings according to age, size and other parameters.
  • Set of examples of buildings that represent the typical constructions of each country.
  • Typical energy consumption values of the buildings provided.
  • A showcase of calculations of potential energy savings.

With the aim of allowing simple and intuitive access to the TABULA concept, an online WebTool application has been created aimed at specialists in energy efficiency in buildings from all over Europe.

The complete list of publications made in the framework of the TABULA project is available from HERE. So, we no longer have an excuse to know how it is built in Spain or Europe.


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