How to take advantage of a lost public space. Smart urbanism

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Smart urban planning for cities. Ecourbanism

The good smart urbanism it has the ability to amaze, to reflect a culture and the values of a community, to influence or "force" people to commit to their daily environment. A coherent design or social initiatives in the Public spaces strengthen a community, undoubtedly nature and the playful space they form an important part of this effect that must coexist.

This is what the Place By Desing, a competition of "Eco design and social actions" before the public space in cities. So we let various examples of public spaces in which social intervention has substantially improved both its appearance and the way of understanding the space itself and its usefulness … How to take advantage of public spaces?

We show part of the finalist projects of the Place By Design where the eco-urbanism of the public space enhances the ability to create the playful urbanism.

Ecourbanism of public spaces

Project + POOL

The objective, take advantage of spaces that we believe cannot be exploited. Get a rest space and be able to swim in the rivers of the cities through an artificial pool that filters the water that runs through the river. Without chemicals or additives, you can only refresh yourself with natural water in addition to helping to clean the water. Project for the city of New York.

More info about the project

Urban Skyfarm for downtown Seoul.

The project consists of a vertical farm with the intention of evoking giant trees. The Urban Skyfarm offers a community garden space in an urban setting while improving air and water quality. A true eco urbanism!

More info about the project

Rabalder Parker Project.

In this case we are going to Denmark, a park that at the same time as its ditches serve as drainage allowing the management of water in a plain, at times when it is dry it is a playful space for skating.

A perfect example of space reuse, in which one urban infrastructure it can also serve as a bridge to a playful element.

More info about the project

Infographics on the streets. Bagby Street Infographics Project

Informing is a necessity, and this is the objective of this project carried out in Houston that through urban infographics "Happy" give knowledge to the user of the benefits of a garden, cycling or shady areas among many other things.

More info about the project

Seeds … "Poppy Seed"

In this case, the project is an application from Shanghai (China) that allows the user to search for parts of a city in which the public space it responds to sensations, memories or feelings that users have been encountering in different corners of a city. The motto, do not waste any space that adds value!

More info the

A bike park. Bike park

Other space example well used. Through a Abandoned site is reused for recreational use through a space for bicycles with routes of different difficulty and green areas.

Control of rainwater, an environmental education in addition to green areas, communication between members of the neighborhood and offers driving advice, levels of difficulty and educational information. The economic cost is very viable given that a large part of the site consists of bicycle lanes built by means of earthworks. 100% ecourbanism.

More info about the project and images from here

HOPE. An open-air gallery.

Proposal… "The painting park" Based on a large abandoned commercial space with its outdoor area, a creative outlet to the space and an educational platform for the artistic and neighborhood community was proposed. It is converted into a meeting place for artists where they can express their street art instead of a private space.

It is currently one of the largest outdoor artist galleries in the US and very popular on Instagram.

Free Books Project

The goal is an outdoor book exchange against a background of literacy and communication from a depressed area. Locate reading spaces with rest and relaxation areas on public roads. So far there are 20 fully public libraries and on the streets.

More info about the project

Pavegen project.

This is what it is take advantage of the space!… Based on exterior tiles that collect the kinetic energy of the user's footsteps to power anything. The small movement of the tiles of only about 5 millimeters generates about eight watts of power per step, which can be stored in batteries.

More info about the project

The Lowline Project

It is the "First underground park". An initiative to remodel a disused subway line based in New York converted into a green area in response to the needs of a neighborhood that lacked natural public spaces.

More info about the project

At the time we already talked about living and ecological urbanism but of course the possibility of reactivating those Public spaces that theoretically are lost is more than feasible and here we have a few examples of a ecourbanism consistent with the city.

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