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Glossary of infographics in energy certification (CEE) Campaign «quality DOES matter».

In this case, from this portal we have wanted to contribute our grain of sand through the present infographics, a small "campaign" of public awareness. Objective, enhance "Quality DOES matter in the Energy Certificate" before the avalanche of ridiculous prices that are taking over the network in the writing of such a report (See article; Price of the real energy certificate in Spain) and that in many cases distorted energy rating values are being obtained. Low prices that in most cases are affecting the quality of the Report and diminishing our credibility as professionals in the sector. In part, I no longer blame the Certifying Technician who has to feed his family, I look at the organizations that theoretically should look after the interests of the consumer as well as those of the professional … Where are you?

Where is it?… The pedagogical or public awareness work in the energy certification sector.

It is no longer a question of confirming that there is fierce competition, that we ratify it, it is claiming work well done, claiming decent fees, claiming that the Administration act, claiming that the Professional Associations move, all for the benefit of the future client and hence ours.

We understand that referring to the energy rating is important to the future buyer and tenantIf both are concerned with the qualification of the properties that the seller and tenant will acquire, they will become aware of the need to obtain a real energy certificate, a quality energy certificate document and that entails a consistent payment for the work carried out. Clarify that it is not the same to pay Ahem: € 50 than € 150, it happens in energy certificates, as with household appliances as with most things in life. What you have to inform them is the advantages and disadvantages of paying less or more.

And if we already move to the real estate auditing sector, here the value can change substantially as well as the qualities of the reports and of course, the energy savings.

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