Improve image quality and optimize: 8 quick tools

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Optimize and improve images online

When we are working on projects we need speed, and, on many occasions, the images that we have in our possession do not have the enough resolution to make them look good visually, we need them to weigh less, etc. But… How to improve the quality of an image?

Obviously, those who have a good knowledge of Photoshop or some kind of professional program to retouch images they will get a better result, that's the reality!

Do you want to improve a photo? Improve the quality of your photos online with good results, remove the background from a photo, color an old image, etc, because with artificial intelligence (AI) you have it in one click.

1.- How to increase the quality of the photos

When you start to upload image quality Blurred areas are distorted, pixels or "noise", cracks, etc. begin to be seen. In short, loss of quality.

Although the Internet is littered with hundreds of free online tools that promise you super quality when you zoom in on a photo 99% are disappointing!

After investigating image retouching tools; the best are those that use artificial intelligence techniques

We have multiplied the following image (size 918px x 478px) by 4 in size (enlargement to 3672px x 1912px) and we are going to see the comparison of; we enlarge without photographic retouching and with photo correction using Artificial Intelligence applications.

We were going to give you a comparison of many different applications, but, to be honest, it is silly to waste time! So we are going to name the two directly best tools to enhance images.

1.1- Letsenhance

This instrument boasts of having a technology based on deep convolutional neural networks to better image quality, which, according to them, perfects a photo by enlarging it with very good quality.

Although it has a Premium version, we can use the free version with a maximum magnification of 4 times and a maximum magnification limit of 15 megabytes and 15 megapixels for each photo uploaded for a more perfect optimization. We can access the tool from HERE.

The result is good, it is impressive how the AI recognizes those characteristics of the images and reconstructs them, reaching details in minute detail, but the next tool is the bomb.

1.2- AI Image Enlarger

Another wonder that works with deep learning and advanced AI algorithms to preserves the original image quality. In fact, we have found the following comparison:

For the free account the photos must be less than 5MB, Width × Height: Less than 1200 × 1200, and extensions are supported: .jpg.webp .jpeg.webp .png.webp. We can access the tool from HERE.

In this case, the result is impressive. You are already saving the application! The only problem with this tool to improve the quality of photos is that it does not allow uploading images larger than 1200 px. If we have a larger photo, then you will have to use the previous application.

2.- Fix photos with Google Photos

We already know that the Google ecosystem is wide and its photography app is very powerful. You can do a thousand tweaks and of course it has a photo editor for mobile super powerful and easy to use.

For fix a photo We just have to go to the Edit section> Search in the Adjust Submenu> and we have improve sharpness Y improve noise. This is where the game begins:

The Google app is both for Android and in the App Store for IOS:

  • Access to the Android App from HERE
  • Access to the App Store for IOS from HERE

The Google Photos editor in the App is very powerful and easy to use, highly recommended!

3.- How to remove the background from a photo

Removing parts of the background of an image that we are not interested in for a project is always a rather cumbersome issue, but, with artificial intelligence in some cases it will be a single click and in others a little more, but even so, we will see quick results.

In this case the tool is called Remove. It works very well in photographs that appear people since the algorithm recognizes them quickly and in a single click we will have the background out.

If we are already dealing with more complex photographs of landscapes, buildings or architectural spaces, we have the option of editing to indicate points that we want to eliminate; It provides us with options for different funds that have already been eliminated, options for patterns to be eliminated, different funds, etc. In short, we have a panel like the following:

If they are not too complex photographs, do not think about it! Directly to use this tool.

4.- How to color black and white photos

Here we have two interesting tools for increase the quality of an image online and latest generation; the first is specific to give color to old images and the second, more complex and with a higher quality where we will have to work a little more to obtain a more "lively" result.

Although this application is a prototype that is used to coloring old photos of Singapore with artificial intelligence. Of course it is a discovery that can be very useful in some specific cases.

The web does not have much secret that we can consult from HERE, as soon as we enter; We verify that we are not a robot (no need to register), we add the black and white image or those old ones that we have and, automatically, the magic appears giving color to the photo.

The second proposes a deep learning approach to image coloring user-guided. The system directly maps a grayscale image together with user added "tracks". The color image is automatically regenerated thanks to an AI algorithm.

The problem with this tool that you can see from HERE (it also has many others such as geolocating scenarios, for example) the free part, does not allow us to retouch the colors of the image, but surely someone gets the benefit of it.

5.- Combine photos or add realistic objects

We believe that this application does not use any kind of strange algorithm but the work it does is easy and useful. Instrument for combining photos or on a photo that we already have, add the objects or backgrounds to achieve a certain effect and make it more or less realistic.

We are talking about the Moose tool. You can create a collage quickly both for your projects and for social networks or whatever you think is convenient. It has a catalog with thousands of realistic images to play with and combine them to your liking.

Easy, fast and simple, the specialty of this article and remember that we have another on how to create personalized maps, without streets, elegant and in 1 minute.

As we already recommend the 14 Useful tools for architecture and engineering firms. Now we have to scale the images to reduce their weight.

6.- How to reduce the weight of images

In the world of marketing and web design you use many different mechanisms to reduce the weight of images without losing quality. With the main functions of:

  • Convert jpg.webp to webp
  • Convert png to webp
  • Convert webp to jpg.webp

As much as they say, we directly go an application to upload image quality online and totally free provided by Google that, in addition, we do NOT have to register. It's the Squoosh website.

Although we have tried to enlarge an image to see if it maintains the quality in the resolution, it does not work well. But what it does very well is reduce the dimensions or optimize the maximum size of an image or a photo without losing visual quality. Highly recommended and other material that you should keep.

By the way, although with the default configuration it is enough to optimize photosWe can also add a lot of filters, reduce colors or apply other compression methods for a more precise optimization of the final representation.

7.- How to restore old photos

We all have some old damaged photos in our houses. Currently, it is easy to convert it into digital, but much more complicated to repair a flabby damaged if you are not a professional photographer.

Do you want to know the best part? Well, we have a software that works wonders in restore an old photo on-line. You can find the tool from HERE called My Heritage. TO repair family photos automatically!

Its use is very simple, cost-free and free. After we upload the battered image, it will ask us to register (don't worry, there are no payments), and it will automatically optimize its quality by improving its resolution. Such as…

In addition, it also allows us color an old photo online, without having to go elsewhere. It is a very useful option for recover damaged images and give it a new touch.

8.- Save images in JPG.webp, PNG or Webp format quickly

Many professionals in photography and, especially, in the world of marketing, are using the format of WebP image since its weight is less than the traditional PNG or JPG.webp, obtaining practically the same resolution.

Whatever format you want, with the following Chrome extension it will be very easy to obtain it. You add the extension to the browser and then, when hovering over an image you see on the internet, right-click and there you have it …

A simple way to download images in Webp format and very useful.

Enhance photos It is an art and today we have little sisters who make it easier for us to optimize portraits with good quality and in a simple way, we have to take advantage of them! And since we are with technology issues, you can also check 7 augmented reality applications for architecture and decoration.

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