More than 30 architects and bio-builders; III online Congress healthy and efficient houses

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III Congress healthy and efficient houses

Acquiring knowledge and informing ourselves about the world of healthy and efficient houses must be a constant, and we all know that the world of architecture and construction evolves by leaps and bounds.

More than 30 architects Y bio-buildersof prestige meet to transmit their knowledge in the III Online Congress of Healthy and Efficient Homes, and access,is free!

Thebioclimatic, ecological, sustainable architecture or whatever you want to call it. It reflects the ecological conscience on the part of the professionals of the union; architects, engineers, surveyors, self-promoters, self-builders or even interior designers, seek techniques and new methods to build from sustainability making the most of natural resources.

Of all this, the Online Congress of Healthy and Efficient Homes (Free and 100% Online), to learn to build responsibly, to build homes that respect our health and the environment, to listen and train with thebest Spanish-speaking experts in bio-construction and self-construction.


It should not be forgotten that a large part of traditional architecture already worked according to bioclimatic criteria: adequately oriented windows, the use of certain materials with certain thermal properties such as straw, wood or adobe, ground cover, whitewashing. in Andalusian houses, the location of the towns, etc.

Keys to the congress

Given the relevance of the event, both by all the professional speakers who give the talks, as well as the relevant information that we can learn or the free and open access. What better than a good image to practice a summary of the event:

The idea of setting up this III Congress for the enjoyment of all belongs to the company About haus, whose director is the architectIgma Pacheco Rivas and that, luckily, we know.

Congress schedule

The Online Congress of Healthy and Efficient Homesstarts on December 6 and ends on December 5. A week of talks that is divided each day into a specific theme:

  • Day 1: Fundamentals of healthy design and construction.
  • Day 2: Natural materials and research.
  • Day 3: Emerging themes.
  • Day 4: Featured and built projects.
  • 5th day: Ventures.

All the detailed schedule It can be consulted from the following PDF.

We can also learn more from the article on bioclimatic houses and construction techniques or in the article on characteristics of bioclimatic architecture where different manuals of interest are highlighted.

Who is the congress aimed at?

This is the III online event focused on 3 of the most important topics for many people and technicians who are involved in carrying out their projects: healthy houses, natural materials and energy efficiency.

On the one hand, it is aimed atprofessionals from the architecture, construction and engineering guild; architects, engineers and all kinds of technicians framed in construction and works. And on the other, toself-promoters and self-builders who are thinking of building a sustainable and efficient house with natural materials.

The objective - apart from learning - is to provide support, guidance and training to all those who are carrying out the dream of building their house with natural and energy efficient materials.

How much does it cost to access the congress?

The event lasts five days and is completely free. Every day the corresponding talks can be accessed free of charge for all those who are registered, the access to them will last 24 hours (Remember, the talks will only be available on the day they have been scheduled).

From the leadership of the Congress, they tell us that There will also be the possibility of acquiring all the talks of the five days in full for those who cannot attend or want to have them with online access.

Here are some quick coordinates to be clear about the operation of the congress:

  • Free Registration.
  • From Monday 6 to Friday 10 December.
  • 30 presentations.
  • 1 inaugural talk live (Monday 6)
  • 4 daily counts live (Tuesday 7th to Friday 10th)
  • Payment option to indefinitely access all the congress material.

In order to access the III Online Congress of Healthy and Efficient Homes, YOU HAVE TO REGISTER FROM HERE.

Rarely do we have the possibility of accessing quality information framed in sustainable architecture, and, above all, taught by true experienced professionals.So, sign up, and since it's free, take advantage of it!

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