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World's best cities

With so many changes that society undergoes today, we find ourselves at a time where the population changes from "one day to the next", where globalization, climate change, economic and social challenges change in a short time, verifying that adapting is a challenge and at the same time a necessity in modern cities.

From the IESE Business School they have created a platform where the best cities in the world through a "Smartest" where we can identify which cities have the highest levels of innovation, sustainability and quality of life.

According to the report, we can see the best cities on the planet in the next rankig …

The best city in the world is London with high levels of innovation, sustainability and quality of life. Followed by New York in second place, and in third place, the city of Amsterdam.

The best city in the plant is London with high levels of innovation, sustainability and quality of life

To set the Ranking, was adopted by the study of 135 cities of 55 countries based on more than 50 indicators along ten different points; Governance, public management, urban planning, technology, environment, international projection, cosial cohesion, mobility, transportation, human capital (Ability to attract talent) and economy.

Once we enter the interactive portal when accessing a specific city, we will find the following graph in addition to other information of interest:

Of all the 135 cities analyzed, there is a turning point that is Barcelona, whose city has made a spectacular progression from 35th to 28th this year. On the contrary, Santo Domingo is identified where it occupies the last place due mainly to the low degree of public transport, technology, human capital and economy.

At the head of the cities with the lowest scores if we look at the top ten: Start by London, followed by New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Reykjavik, Tokyo, which has declined in position in recent years, Singapore, Copenhagen, Berlin and Vienna.

It is interesting to recognize that although there are cities that are in first positions, they may have important weaknesses, and, although, as a whole, the city represents a good place to live, we are not interested in that city that has weaknesses in the environment, for example.

The following list of cities is representative of the maximum score that each one of them achieves in the top ten places in the ranking for each dimension:

Of interest is the article on how to see the road expansion of cities in an easy way and the future of shared housing in the face of the growth of cities.

As conclusions of the report on the best cities in the world we can identify:

  • There is no city model to follow, the cities that top the Ranking are not the same. Each one prioritizes according to their needs, but you must define what type of city you want to be and in what dimensions you want to improve.
  • It must grow in a homogeneous way and acting in all aspects.
  • You must be aware that all actions are actually linked, they are interactive with each other, so growth must be homogeneous and binding.
  • Perfect cities don't exist. Ahem: London that is in the first position has a decline in the environment.
  • Actions that take place in cities are slow and require continuous monitoring.
  • The general public's perception of a city is not binding on the Ranking. There is a great distance between "What the city really is" and "What it says it is"
  • Cities are binding on the characteristics of the country where they are located.

Access to the interactive map from the official website HERE. We can see all the conclusions drawn from the 135 Cities of the world. And from the Document HERE (It is the year 2022, the year 2022 is not yet there) represents the complete report where we will find more detailed information.

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