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Black Friday: architecture andengineering

As good lovers of new technologies, we could not miss the Black Friday for architects and engineers. Although they have been offering us hundreds of offers for a month, it is today, all weekend, and even Monday, with the excuse of Black monday. Where the deals are at their peak.

Although the large online e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Media Markt, Fnac, English court, PcComponents, etc.) they put the super Black Friday deals. Few are related to the architecture or engineering sector and less about drawing software.

This is ours Black Friday specialized in architects, engineers or designers. Without foolishnesses! with offers of tools, support, courses and interesting discounts for our daily work …

1.- Offers in Thermographic Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras are one of the most used tools in the architecture and construction sector. In the Black Friday deals you have to take advantage of the offers since their prices are high.

From the brand Flir we can see a lot of models of thermal imaging cameras and tools on their web portal from HERE. And beware!! Because we have seen that from Flir on Amazon there is a better offer for the same product.

Note: FLUKE apparently has no discounts for black friday. A shame, as it has good products as we discussed in the article on the use of thermography and its cameras.

2.- 40% discount on CYPE

The most famous CYPE structure calculation software It is also with significant discounts from its official website!40% offers on software!

A significant discount if we take into account its usual price and the utility it provides to many architecture and engineering firms.

All the CYPE ecosystem offers can be consulted from the official website HERE.

3.- Essential wireless mouse

We have been using a logitech mouse which is simply a genius … Why?

First, because of its scroll wheel (it's incredible!) And secondly, because of the possible configurations of the extra buttons that the mouse has and that can be configured with a Logitech application.

Once you try it, you will not want anything else. 100% Recommended and it is almost halfway there! Can buy the Logitech MX Master from Amazon HERE.

Note: If you are going to buy any optical mouse, do not waste your time. The best brand is a logitech mouse, and please buy yourself a good one that you are using it all day !.

4.- Presto measurement program with 55% discount

If you work in the construction and construction sector, this offer is incredible Presto measurement program with a 55% discount! Demo Arquitectura, the official Presto distributor, is launching a very interesting Black Friday.

This is a 55% discount on the use of Presto for all of 2022. The usual price is € 765 and with this offer, it is € 345. Here we have two offers:

  • From Punt Sistemas we can see HERE. There is also a Presto 2022 + Presto-IFC offer.
  • From CAD LAN that we can see HERE you can also acquire the complete loan as in the previous offer.

Inform you well! That here, you can save a lot of euros in the software. Note, asking for all the features by phone is a lot of money and you have to be well informed.

5.- Hilti is with discounts

One of the most reputable brands in the construction and construction sector for the quality of its products, it is the brand Hilti. They have all the tools that we may need in the construction of a building; from a simple drill, to a high resolution 3d scanner to interesting software.

In this Black Friday for architecture and construction, the brand Hilti offers different important offers. You can watch it from Hilti HERE to access the prices of all the special Black Friday promotions, but they sure are worth it.

6.- Architecture magazine on offer

Few technical architecture magazines launch interesting offers on these dates it launches. The famous Arquitectura Viva magazine are at 50% for Black Friday in individual issues and for subscription at 20% that we can see from HERE. Others of draft such as El Croquis, TC Cuadernos, Summa +, etc. we have not seen any discounts.

Another interesting one is a + t architecture publishers with 30% discount, which are also with interesting offers that we can see from HERE. And from the collections of RBA Magazines, which include, for example, El Mueble, Arquitectura y Diseño magazine (There is also Viajes or National Geographic), they have 50% subscriptions for Black Frida that we can see HERE.

Remember that we have an extensive article on how to find architecture and design magazines for free. Although, of course, the most famous ones you will not find if it is not with the corresponding payment.

7.- The Adobe ecosystem offers 40%

The Adobe applications with the Creative Cloud ecosystem are on sale at a 40% discount in the complete collection. Offer at Fothoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat DC, etc. I believe that there is no architect, engineer or designer who does not have one of the Autodesk programs on your computer.

The Creative Cloud is a collection of more than 20 applications and services for desktop and mobile devices for photography, video, design, web, user experience and more. Now you can take your ideas to new places with Photoshop on the iPad, draw and paint with Fresco, and design to create textures or for 3D or AR.

The offer can be found from the official Adobe page HERE.

8.- Autodesk discounts 20%

Another of the greats in the Architecture sector and that affects us directly is Autodesk. At Autodesk Black Friday us offers a 20% discount in AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Fusion 360, 3ds Max, Maya Y Revit LT Suite.

The Autocad program offer and more, we can see them from the official Autodesk page HERE. Always remember to look at the purchase conditions since these programs are really expensive and we do not want to get scared.

To find drawings and hundreds of blocks for AutoCAD, we have an extensive article on how to find and download free Autocad block libraries.

9.- Offer in SketchUp Pro and courses

Another of the most used programs is SketchUp for 2D and 3D drawing. SketchUp Pro is paid. Can get 25% off a subscription to SketchUp Pror until December 3 on its official website from HERE.

From the ISCAR website, which is an official SketchUp distributor and trainer, there are also interesting offers, both in software and in training that we can consult from HERE.

10.- The perfect book

We continue with the Black Friday discounts. An architect's library can be very extensive; design books, books of the great architects, technicians, etc. But this time, let's change our perspective and have a little fun.

Without a doubt, we want to present one of those books that we do need in our library, the Archisutra book. Although it is not on Black Friday, it is cheap and very fun … You can buy it from HERE on Amazon.

And we have it highly recommended in our article on best gif.webpts for architects and engineers, with truly original ideas and products.

11.- Domestica is on sale with interesting courses

One of the platforms with technical and quality courses is Domestic. Here you will find courses for designers, photographers, retouching and improving quality photos, many about 3D programs and rendering, layout, interior design or decoration, and many others that will help us learn new skills in the architecture sector.

In this Black Friday for architects, the Domestika training platform offers all its courses at 9.90 Euros and we can see them from HERE. There is a lot of quality training with great teachers.

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