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Apamares 15, Malaga, 29016


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Delena Formación is a study center specialized in distance courses and have a great team of professionals, who work daily to offer high-quality training in the different areas taught. The training offer of Delena Formación consists of more than 3,500 courses, from 14 professional families, and can be studied remotely, online or remotely with face-to-face practice. Whatever the chosen modality there is a custom tutor, which will always be available, by phone or email.

Among the courses taught at Delena Formación are those in cuisine and hospitality, aesthetics, computing, health, design, sports, administration and business, and so on. Within these families of themes, there are specific courses such as hotel receptionist, national, international and creative cuisine, vegetarian cuisine, management of SMEs, corporate social responsibility, customer service, bodybuilding and fitness monitor, personal image, characterization, environmental awareness, integral waste management technician, urban waste management and many more.

If you are interested in expanding your training in any of these fields, do not hesitate to consult their website and ask them everything you need to access their Distance learning courses, with or without face-to-face practices, and online courses.

Services: Waste and environmental management, Ecological products and services, Health and wellness, Alternative therapy courses, Recycling and reuse courses, Natural cosmetics courses, Yoga instructor courses, Vegetarian and vegan cooking courses

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