Some curiosities of the animal kingdom

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The love, defense and care of animals always have to go hand in hand with an ecological conscience and a sustainable behavior. The animal kingdom is a whole network to discover, about which you never finish learning. For this reason, we want to share with you some curiosities about fauna. Surely - especially if you are in love with animals in general, or are particularly interested in certain species - many of them you will already know, but perhaps many others may surprise you.

There is such spectrum from species and there are so many curiosities that we can name that it is difficult to make a short list; However, we have selected these that we have found very curious.

Ants don't sleep

Ants are curious insects. They wage wars, they can capture slaves, they always live in community and organize in an amazing way to get their food and build their homes. Without a doubt, they are unstoppable. All this activity may be explained because they are beings unable to sleep for a single second.

Elephants can communicate without humans knowing

According to several scientific discoveries relatively recent, elephants are capable of producing infrasonic noises to communicate with others of their species. These sounds are imperceptible to the human ear. Something similar happens with wolves. The leader of a pack can call out to other wolves that are located more than 20 kilometers away and make himself heard.

Male seahorses are the ones that have the young

Also called hippocampi, this species has the peculiarity that it is the males who bring the young to the world. It is the female who deposits the eggs in a bag inside the male, thus, he generates a kind of placenta and then feeds his children.

The lion, a very sexually active animal

It is the animal that has the largest sexual activity of the world, never get tired. He can copulate about a hundred times a day, and sometimes with the same female.

A bird that ingests poison to get a mate

It is an avicula species, the bustard, which consumes purpose a compound so toxic that many animals would die instantly from ingesting a small quantity. Although it is not poisonous to bustards, they use it to eliminate their parasites and to look stronger to females, making them more attractive to them.

Bees, organized and useful

This animal, although it gives us such things beneficial like honey and wax, it actually kills more people annually than sharks or lions. However, they are insects with great curiosities. For example, it is a species that lives in society and is impeccably organized, like the aforementioned ants. Bee societies are hierarchically ordered and each one fulfills its mission, depending on its age. The longer the bee lives, the more responsibility it will have within its hive. For this reason, the youngest clean the cells of the hive, when they exceed two weeks they transport the food, with 5 days more they become the "security agents" of the hives, until they reach the oldest, who are the ones who pollinate. plants, among other missions. A queen bee can live up to five years. communities They are very large, they can have up to 80,000 members.

These insects produce a lot of honey, but they must be in contact with millions of flowers, just to make a small amount.

The koala and his passion for sleep

Although it is the marmot that takes the fame, if we listen to the saying, the koalas, that animal from Australia so exotic, can sleep about 22 hours a day. Also some lions, male, sleep more or less the same. Nothing to do with tireless ants.

Mosquitoes have 47 teeth

It draws our attention that an animal of similar Tiny size, it can hold up to 41 teeth in its mouth, although they are not the same as human mouthparts, it would rather be correct to call them “denticles”. These denticles are used by the mosquito to make a hole in the skin and then proceed to suck the blood. Every time you are the victim of a bite from this insect, remember that it is only the females that bite, although many times they do it to feed their young. Males settle for feed of nectar of the plants.

Bulls are color blind

This well-known animal is color blind: it cannot differentiate colors like we do. In reality, there are many animals that see different tones than what humans see. There is a kind of hedgehog that you only see in yellow.

The snail that spends a third of its life sleeping

There is a species of snail that can sleep up to three years, and then wake up and go on with its life. This is another example of "lazy" animals by nature. In general, we will find snails more "active" and "awake" in humid areas, because these hermaphroditic beings need humidity to live. In contrast, in warm areas, they will spend more time inside their shell.

The crocodile, a reptile like no other

And to curious animals, there are the crocodiles. It is an animal with very tough skin, which can live for more than a century and survive by eating only once a year. Although they are animals that breathe, they can be submerged in water for at least two hours. In addition, we owe them the expression "having crocodile tears", which we use when we want to say that someone cries a lot, but without feeling. This is so because this reptile continuously expels tears for a purely organic reason: they need to moisten their eyes. We hope you found all these interesting curiosities and do not hesitate to share with us many others that you may know.

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