The best solar panel installation companies in Tenerife

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You are looking for solar panels in Tenerife? Whether you only need to buy the product or if you are also looking to contract the installation and maintenance of the solar panels, you have come to the right guide for it. At Ecologista Verde we are committed to a sustainable future with renewable energies and we want to help you improve your home or your business with the use of solar energy, with which you can get electricity, heating, hot water, etc.

If you want to find out about the sale of solar panels in Tenerife and their prices, as well as the set-up so that you can use them without problems, keep reading and get to know this list with the best solar panel installation companies in Tenerife. You can choose between companies with professional technicians up-to-date in the latest in the sector, with uncompromised budgets, with many years of experience and guarantees.

BERPAU Technical Facilities

To start, from Ecologist Verde we recommend you go to a company specialized in solar energy, such as BERPAU Technical Facilities. Its intention is to promote and encourage the production and use of solar energy in the Canary Islands and it is a company with 15 years of experience.

Between the best solar panel installation companies in Tenerife We highlight BERPAU Technical Facilities. It offers these products and services related to the energy we obtain from the sun:

  • Thermal and photovoltaic solar panels or panels.
  • Installation of insulated and self-consumption solar panels or thermal and photovoltaic solar panels.
  • Maintenance of thermal and photovoltaic solar panels or panels.

You can also choose their products and services for household water, such as the sale and installation of water softeners and water treatments, such as reverse osmosis.

Spend Solar

The next option that we recommend if you are looking solar panels in Teneirfe and a company that does the installation and maintenance, is the company Spend Solar, which is in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. He has more than 5 years of experience. A remarkable aspect of this company is that they offer to make a budget without commitment from the hand of its experts.

Between the Gasten Solar's main services You will find thermal solar energy and solar panels, butane and propane gas installations and piped gas, industrial plumbing, machine rooms and DHW, boiler rooms, heating, radiators, underfloor heating, swimming pools, chillers with recovery and fire fighting installations.

Alisios Energy Solutions

Alisios Soluciones Energéticas is another of the companies that we advise you to consult. We recommend it because it is leading company in the renewable energy sector in the Canary Islands. In fact, he has more than 20 years of travel and experience.

The professionals of Alisios Energy Solutions They are in constant training and are able to offer a unique and unmatched service. If you were looking for solar panel installation services in Tenerife, or windmills to produce energy with it (wind) or even water treatment systems, do not wait any longer to contact and consult the services of this company. As we have said, they are professionals in renewable energies and not only solar, so they offer you: photovoltaic solar energy with isolated systems, systems connected to the grid and water pumping systems, solar thermal energy with sanitary hot water and swimming pool heating. , wind energy and water treatment by osmosis and filtration.

DAC Group

We continue with this list of the best solar panel installation companies in Tenerife recommending you consult DAC Group. It is a company located in Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and that is dedicated to advising and installing and maintaining products related to renewable energies.

So, if you are looking for a solar panel kit in Tenerife, or if at the moment you are only looking to consult the prices of solar panels in Tenerife, do not hesitate to call Grupo DAC and they will answer your questions. Among other services and products they offer solar thermal energy, photovoltaic solar energy, solar pumping, solar air and energy audit. With the idea of promoting the renewable energy sector and offering technological solutions to use energy taking into account the care of the environment, in this company they serve both individuals and businesses.

Cymasol Renovables Group

Finally, from Ecologist Verde, we advise you that if you are looking solar panels in Tenerife and not only buy them to install them yourself, but you also want advice on energy in your home and business, the installation and maintenance of these products also consult Cymasol Renovables Group.

This is a young Canarian company, from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, that distributes renewable energy. It has up-to-date professionals who work to offer a great and unique service, for individuals and companies, selling the appropriate products for each client, carrying out the installations and monitoring for maintenance, as well as the energy advice.

You can choose from a variety of energy efficiency systems, such as photovoltaic and thermal solar panels, self-consumption inverters, wind turbines and turbines, and solar panel kits, among much more.

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