Where to buy ecological clothing in Madrid - the best stores and brands

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Madrid, like other large cities, has seen in recent years a great growth of projects and businesses based on the philosophy of slow fashion and the sustainable fashion. This movement is characterized by the use of products and materials that are not harmful to the environment and beneficial to the health of the consumer.

Today, fashionistas respectful that defends the human and labor rights of all workers as well as that of animals, they can choose from a wide variety of stores and brands that offer consumers another way of living and dressing; a conscious, honest and generous alternative to others. Whether you are already an advocate of ecodesign or want to discover more about this movement, we bring you an ideal selection for you. In Green Ecologist we discover you where to buy ecological clothes in Madrid.

Green Forest Wear

One of the best ecological clothing stores in Madrid is Green Forest Wear, a sustainable menswear project founded by Clara and Joaquín. These two fashionistas not only believe that there is a healthier and more respectful alternative to the textile model that prevails today, but they also demonstrate the benefits of this alternative with each of their garments.

Do you like fashion and you want to wear unique, timeless and ecological clothes? At Green Forest Wear they offer shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts with unique designs based on nature and art so that you can enjoy fashion while still committing to the environment. Also, at Green Forest Wear, with every garment you buy, they give you a tree; a magnificent initiative to offset the CO2 emitted by your garment with its maintenance. Take a look at the Green Forest Wear online catalog and fall in love with its magnificent designs.

Trendy & Green - University

Another great option in terms of ecological clothing stores in Madrid is Trendy & Green, located in the center of the capital. This business offers consumers environmentally friendly clothing that has also been made by emerging designers and small brands, since one of the brand's goals is for customers to wear unique clothing that no one else carries.

This project is also committed to avoiding animal suffering, which is why they use materials such as Piñatex or Tencel, substitutes for animal skins. At Trendy & Green you will find clothing for women, men and original accessories made by hand.


Biocottoniers It is one of the most recognized and recommended ecological clothing stores in the capital, since it is a space also located in the center that promotes sustainable, ecological and fair trade fashion. All the garments you find in this establishment have been made in Spain with hemp, linen, natural silk and certified organic cotton.

In this store they base their philosophy on the famous phrase by Mahatma Gandhi that goes like this: "a garment is not pretty if those who make it are hungry and unhappy." Through the clothing they offer to women, men and children, at Biocottoniers they defend the need to bet on a natural and honest fashion.


If you are familiar with NaravaYou will know that it is one of the most important school supplies and games stores in Madrid. However, this store, located in Torreledones, was founded in 1997 to offer young and old the best and the newest on the market, including eco-friendly clothing that you won't find elsewhere.

If you want to take care of the environment, your skin and your little one's skin, in Narava you will find a large catalog of garments made with 100% organic cotton that you will fall in love. Leotards, bodysuits, sweaters, pants, blankets, sleeping bags, underwear, aprons and many more ecological products for the whole family.

The Circular Project - Argüelles

The Circular Project can boast of being the first sustainable fashion store in Madrid, an ambitious and generous project that offers visitors both the possibility to buy ecological clothing and to sell it.

On the one hand, in The Circular Project you can get fashion for women, men and children with exclusive ecodesigns, while on the other hand, they offer small brands the opportunity to position their businesses. Do you want to know how? Through packs and proposals designed and adapted for each particular case.


This is, surely, one of the best-known ecological clothing brands in the world, since apart from the physical stores it has in Madrid and Berlin, it has a huge online presence. Ecoalf is a project that was born in 2009 willing to show that a truly sustainable clothing brand it was possible without giving up the most attractive modern aesthetics of each season.

At Ecoalf they transform waste such as fishing nets or bottles into impressive exclusive clothing items for all tastes. In the space they have on Calle de Hortaleza you will find products and clothing for women, men and children, as well as footwear and accessories.

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