The best organic clothing stores in Barcelona - Top 5 best stores!

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Ecological clothing, as you may already know, is one that is made with raw material such as organic cotton and that it does not use products that may be harmful to the environment or to the consumer. But these are not the only advantages of betting on sustainable fashion and responsible consumption, but the ecodesign It is also characterized by respecting the human and labor rights of all people, offering the best quality garments, helping the environment and promoting the creations of smaller designers.

There are many people who, in recent years, have decided to change their habits and bet on those stores that defend slow fashion, that is, the responsible consumption and who strive to make ecological clothing a product more accessible to everyone. Joining the fashion of ecological clothing does not mean giving up on being fashionable, on the contrary, this movement offers a unique style, designed to look good but also so that you can contribute your bit.

If you live in Barcelona and you are thinking of joining the trend of ecological clothing, we make it easy for you to find the style that suits you best. From Ecologist Verde we discover a selection of the best ecological clothing stores in Barcelona.

GreenLifeStyle - Gràcia

GreenLifeStyle is, for many, one of the best ecological clothing stores in Barcelona. This project was born in 2011 by Carolina Simón with the aim of promoting and promoting another type of fashion, one that was part of a greener and more responsible lifestyle. For this creator, GreenLifeStyle is not just about fashion and sustainability, it represents a lifestyle ethical, responsible and ecological that bets on independent and emerging designers who create their own timeless pieces in order to fight against fast fashion.

Both in the physical store, located in the emblematic Gràcia neighborhood, and in the online store, you will find a wide range of products 100% organic and designed with high quality materials for aware and respectful women with the environment who want to show off a unique style. These are some of the pieces that you will find in GreenLifeStyle:

  • Dresses and skirts
  • Underwear
  • Tops and Sweaters
  • Jackets
  • Jeans
  • Bags and other accessories

Sunsais - Gràcia

If you like fashion and are up to date with new trends, surely you already know that the increasing globalization of the textile industry is one of the phenomena that have most fueled the compulsive consumption and the "throwaway" patterns that prevail in our society. Well, Sunsais was born precisely with the aim of being an alternative to this sad situation.

The creators of this brand know that current behavior in the textile industry has a very negative impact on the environment and they believe that only with a conscious and responsible attitude can a remedy be given to this problem. From Sunsais they bet on the ecological clothing and for sustainable fashion, which is why they offer personalized advice for those interested in eco-design. In addition, both in the physical store and in the online store, you will find clothing for men and women, accessories, shoes, organic cosmetics and eco-fabrics of the best quality with different prints. If you are interested in sustainable fashion and you want to contribute your grain of sand, we advise you to visit the Sunsais website, where you will find a section called outlet designed so that you do not miss any offer.

Sustainable dressing humus - Gòtic

A soil rich in humus is that soil that is healthy, fertile and full of life. This is where the name of another of the best ecological clothing stores in Barcelona, located in the heart of Barcelona. The garments that you will find in Humus are made with ecological fabrics that respect the earth and avoid polluting chemicals.

For the creators of this project, humus means tranquility, humanity and calm, a welcoming space where consumers can ask questions, try on clothes with complete peace of mind and share proposals and suggestions. In the store you will find durable clothing and footwear for both women and men and other products with innovative and modern designs that always take into account three sustainability criteria:

  • They do not contain substances harmful to human health
  • Its production process is respectful with the environment
  • They are produced respecting the rights of all workers

The result? Unique, modern garments made with high quality materials for people who care about the environment.

Tiralahilacha - Eixample

Tiralahilacha is a project inspired by the vintage movement and beautiful things, a romantic, modern and environmentally friendly clothing brand founded by Pablo, a graphic designer and Meeta, a fashion designer.

This store bets wisely on the slow fashion, since responsible consumption is not at odds with being fashionable, and collaborates with local professionals to bring durable and modern garments of the best quality to consumers.

All Tiralahilacha production is made in Assasi Garments, a textile factory in South India where they only work with certified organic cotton and Fair Trade. Pablo and Meeta visit this factory at least once a year to monitor the process and to be present in all phases of garment creation. These are some of the things you will find in this store:

  • Womenswear
  • Children's and baby clothes
  • Various accessories
  • Unique stories, magazines and illustrations

In Tiralahilacha's online store you will also find a wide catalog of products to make you fall in love with sustainable fashion from the comfort of your home.

Isla de Plata - Gràcia

Isla de Plata is a women's clothing boutique that is committed to fashion organic, sustainable and affordable. It is an ideal store for women who are looking for their own design and style but who do not want to give up committing themselves to the environment. The objective of Isla de Plata? Avoid the mass product of the big chains and offer the consumer garments made by smaller designers.

In Isla de Plata you will find garments that are characterized by a fresh, modern and easy-to-wear style inspired by the mediterranean landscape. They deal only with organic clothing, made with natural substances and with socially responsible brands that bring the latest trends of each season. Both in the physical store, located in the Gràcia neighborhood, and in the brand's online store, you will find:

  • Clothing: dresses, skirts, pants, blouses and cardigans.
  • Accessories: sandals, sunglasses, bags and scarves.
  • Jewelry: rings, bracelets and pendants.

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